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  1. Tino

    3pm TV Blackout To End?

    Stuck it in the PNE discussions section as it would affect the club directly. I think it's in the i paper today that the 3pm EFL blackout will be discussed in June with a vote to take place to start looking at removing it. They'd have to get agreement from UEFA. This would mean that games can...
  2. Tino

    Rudd Retires (Confirmed)

    What a shame. Thanks for everything Dec.
  3. Tino

    Ismael Sacked as WBA manager

    As expected I guess. Far better squad than they're playing.
  4. Tino

    Lashers Game Rearranged - BSK Split - 2000 away tickets (On sale now)

    Moved to Tuesday 5th April due to the Conservative Party conference being in Bl*ckpool the weekend of the original match. The Kop will be split. c2,000 away tickets.
  5. Tino

    Team Vs Carlisle (Central League Cup)

    2pm kick off at Euxton. Team: Rudd, O'Reilly, Rafferty, Lindsay, Hunts, Thomas, Sinclair, Potts, JRG, Barkhuizen, Murphy Subs: Hudson, Nevin, Baxter, Leigh, O'Neill.
  6. Tino

    Liverpool Ticket Details Confirmed (Sold Out)
  7. Tino

    Team Vs Sheff Utd

    I think it will be freshened up a little bit tonight. I wouldn't be surprised to see Browne back in, but I wouldn't play him... My team: Iversen Storey Bauer Hughes VDB McCann Ledson Earl DJ Riis Maguire Subs: Rudd, Lindsay, Cunningham, Browne, Whiteman, Murphy, Wickham Evans injured...
  8. Tino

    Prem Fixtures

    Out today. Liverpool vs Leeds the stand out game on the opening day but you'd have to feel a bit sick if you were a Leeds fan having that behind closed doors.... Not that I'm sure away fans will attend for the majority of the season anyway.... Actually thinking about it, having no crowd in...
  9. Tino

    Wigan away now on Sky

    Same date 8th February but now a 12:30pm kick off.
  10. Tino

    Trophy Points

    What are these? There seems to be a limit of 113 points. Just curious.
  11. Tino

    Kevin Friend Referee vs Leeds

    A return of an old favourite of ours next Tuesday night. However the last 3 games I can find he's reffed us where the 3-2 win vs Rovers 2 seasons ago, the 1-0 home defeat to Burnley when Barton scored when they went up and our 2-0 win at Turf Moor when Keane scored. It seems like a very a...
  12. Tino

    Team Vs Wigan

    With it now looking unlikely we'll be adding any new players before the end of the window, what do we reckon Neil will go with on Saturday? Rudd Fisher Bauer Davies Hughes Pearson Gallagher Bodin Browne Barkhuizen Maguire Subs: Ripley, Clarke, DJ, Potts, Green, Bayliss, Stockley is my guess.
  13. Tino

    Fixtures for 2019/20

    The EFL fixtures are released next week, there's usually a thread where we have a guess who we're going to get. From the Prem fixtures being released today and the fact we're usually at home when Burnley are it looks like we'll be starting with an away game on 3rd August and then a home game on...
  14. Tino

    Season Ticket prices announced

    On official site
  15. Tino

    Team Vs Forest

    Here we go again, a quick turnaround from Wednesday night. I think there might be a couple of changes and the questions probably remain the same as before Wednesday. The back 5 stays the same. Is Gallagher fit to start? He came off on Wednesday after getting through a lot of work. DJ would...
  16. Tino

    Team Vs Bolton

    Go again, or time for a bit of a freshen up? And if so what? I think the back 5 picks itself so... In the front 6 there's probably a debate over 3 places. Pearson, Potts, Browne will play. So is it Gally or DJ? Barkhuizen in on the left? And if so will Maguire drop out or go up front...
  17. Tino

    Team vs Stoke

    So, since last week Small forest has departed and Rafferty has signed, so that could be a 1 for 1 swap. But then if Clarke is fit would he come back in? Before last week Barkhuizen was playing every week so may come back in. Earl is also available again but suspect he won’t make the squad, and Moult...
  18. Tino

    Emiliano Sala (New Cardiff striker) This is not good.
  19. Tino

    Premier League clubs agree to VAR from next season
  20. Tino

    Championship Clubs Threaten EFL Breakaway

    Well according to The Times anyway. I'd not got wind of this before... More here...