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  1. Hitch 22

    Booze ban at the World Cup

    Must admit I have a bad feeling about this world cup .Hope it's safe .
  2. Hitch 22


  3. Hitch 22


  4. Hitch 22

    Alex Neil

    Do our fan base overrate him ? Stoke fans currently not keen .
  5. Hitch 22

    Matchday Thread Reading v PNE - 04/11/22 - KO:20:00 - Championship

    It's unbelievable how bad the teams in the Championship this season look .I thought Reading were the pits and I've seen some shite teams this season including us .Well done PNE maybe a dogged defence does get us in play offs this year .🤣🤣
  6. Hitch 22

    CONFIRMED New Signing. Robbie Brady - One Year Deal.

    I assumed he would be fragile or injured .No so thus far .
  7. Hitch 22

    Ryan Lowe's comments on Riis

    Lowe seems very similar to Riddler and Hemmings .Any old waffle will do so long as it doesn't come off as me being in any way responsible for the results .
  8. Hitch 22

    Three questions for the club?

    The ingol bit if true is absolutely ludicrous.
  9. Hitch 22

    This corona virus thing...

    Tbh a few scientists saying the recent research that Covid created in lab is flawed. .
  10. Hitch 22

    This corona virus thing...

    Much easier to read , thankyou.
  11. Hitch 22

    This corona virus thing...

    A lot of top scientists fired for verbalising back then .Good job I'm not a conspiracy theorist or I might think Pfizer or Moderna in the lab 😂😂
  12. Hitch 22

    This corona virus thing...

    Here's the thread
  13. Hitch 22

    This corona virus thing...

    This study is gaining alot of traction from scientists on Twitter .To be frank the paper is way too technical for me to understand .But in Layman's terms it's a probability Covid 19 was man made 😱
  14. Hitch 22

    Matchday Thread Huddersfield Town v PNE - 18/10/22 - KO:19:45 - Championship

    Gosh I'm surprised how negative folks are .North End won and Blackpool to come Saturday.
  15. Hitch 22

    Matchday Thread Huddersfield Town v PNE - 18/10/22 - KO:19:45 - Championship

    McCann was awesome .Gritty performance.Well deserved 3 points .
  16. Hitch 22

    Alex Neil Welcome

    He's a good manager and quite astute but people forget the absolute tedious uninspiring football he made us endure particularly in his last season.I noticed after yesterday he is suddenly a Messiah of football .Rather than it be that Stoke have much better paid and quality players its about Lowe...
  17. Hitch 22

    The current ownership (Why does it always rain on me).

    Can't believe this tweet I saw regarding a leaky roof at Deepdale .The owner should be ashamed !
  18. Hitch 22

    Ex-Prime Minister Liz Truss!!

    A right cunt.