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  1. nigelscamelcoat

    This week in tory run Britain

    Labour talking about stopping non-dom status. Let's see if they're true to their word.
  2. nigelscamelcoat

    This week in tory run Britain

    Well they (tories) are not going to shut the off-shore tax havens as long as those with fingers in the pie are making generous donations. Keep em sweet.
  3. nigelscamelcoat

    Black life in America

    A good start would be some actual policy in the states which tackles de facto segregation and the deep racial disparities. This thread has been there several times before however, and again and again........
  4. nigelscamelcoat


    The policy will cost money in benefit payments and rob people of a dignified retirement because so many will not be fit to work by 68. Found this quote. “If 68 becomes the new pension age, 60% of men never reach that age without a disability that prevents them working.”
  5. nigelscamelcoat

    This week in tory run Britain

    Eye watering.
  6. nigelscamelcoat

    Scunthorpe Utd.

    The pitch was a quagmire as well. I remember what looked like a certain goal for us got stuck in the mud in the goal mouth. The away end thought it had gone in and started celebrating. Players from all angles sliding in, trying to get a touch. Exciting stuff, wouldn't even have been played in...
  7. nigelscamelcoat

    Scunthorpe Utd.

    Then away at Bradford, then home to walsall, all terrific games.
  8. nigelscamelcoat

    Scunthorpe Utd.

    I was there for 'both' games. I'll get me coat.
  9. nigelscamelcoat

    The Plastics Thread.

    Not much more to offer than rovers? Only European semis. Seems you all have a deluded grandiose sense of your club.
  10. nigelscamelcoat

    This week in tory run Britain

    Family GP of many years is removed from position at village practice to be replaced by conglomerate of 47 gp practices. Made £4m last year. No one wants it, only the -for profit- company. Surprisingly in depth article in the LEP...
  11. nigelscamelcoat

    Extinction Rebellion, the return of the great unwashed.

    We're in really dangerous place as far as food production is concerned. The lack of diversity of the range of foods we eat leaves us vulnerable to climate change, pandemic, war and disease. If one thing falls it could easily have a disastrous ripple effect. A really interesting article on...
  12. nigelscamelcoat

    This week in tory run Britain

    Something for nothing for all those employers propped up by the state-paying the short fall in employees wages, bailed out in the pandemic. No doubt the proprietors of the heil have creamed it on all fronts.
  13. nigelscamelcoat

    That Trump fella.

    Sincerely hope Bolsonaro is prosecuted for his crimes, shares sociopathic traits with his mate Trump. Horrific treatment of indigenous people. Lula calling it genocide. some disturbing images.
  14. nigelscamelcoat

    Matchday Thread Birmingham City v PNE - 21/01/33 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    Not only a bitter blue but an ignorant sexist pig too. Dont they have Google in brum? Womens periphery vision is significantly better than men's, typically about 180 degrees. Quote: "The human eye is built differently in men and women" "most men have less peripheral vision than most women...
  15. nigelscamelcoat

    Matchday Thread Birmingham City v PNE - 21/01/33 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    Forever arseholes blues fans. Worst supported and least successful team in the country when set against the size of the population they have to draw from. Bitter blues.
  16. nigelscamelcoat

    Current Status Re PNE?

    You are number 6.
  17. nigelscamelcoat

    This week in tory run Britain

    They dont recognise good grace. The only way to gain respect with these types is to refuse to accept defeat, then send in the heavies.
  18. nigelscamelcoat

    This week in tory run Britain

    Anybody not in a car, even for the briefest moment is a leftie moron. So says the gospel of St Jeremy of Clarkson. NB doesn't include electric cars. Amen
  19. nigelscamelcoat

    Rate the movie you've last seen

    Claudia Cardinale. :) :) :)
  20. nigelscamelcoat

    Lowe Out

    I'd have more respect if hed come out and said hed got it wrong today, I'd still question his judgement. So in effect hes saying hed set them up the same way again? Get out of here Lowe Seems like hes beyond reproach, in his eyes at least.