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  1. Mashimbo

    Gentry banner

    Phew! Cheers JK x
  2. Mashimbo

    Gentry banner

    The gentry banner that was on the IP? How's it gone missing when it was there a couple of weeks ago?
  3. Mashimbo

    4th Round

    Gulf doesn't seem to matter tonight, they're all human whatever level they play at. Whatever the result, Wrexham are showing our tame efforts up. We're a shell of a club, no heart.
  4. Mashimbo

    Matchday Thread PNE v SPURS - 28/01/23 - KO:18:00 - FA Cup 4th Round

    Doesn't take pace or skill to put a snide tackle in and ruffle some feathers - that was a fucking spineless performance.
  5. Mashimbo

    CONFIRMED Club Statement - Whats App Message

    Bit more prodding needed then
  6. Mashimbo

    Leyland Shuttle Bus

    Just spoken to the club, the shuttle is running. Because the kick off is at a time we're not used to, they're going to ask the media team to put messages out on the revised pick up schedule.
  7. Mashimbo

    Leyland Shuttle Bus

    I can't find anything about the shuttle bus for tomorrow, does anyone know if its running?
  8. Mashimbo

    Name suggestions for new fanzone?

    The Token Gesture
  9. Mashimbo

    Preston v Middlesbrough old ticket stubs wanted

    The nights are long and cold, we're here to help.
  10. Mashimbo

    CONFIRMED PNE Customer Charter Change - Fans Forums Abolished

    Fuck them all. Once Saturday has passed, and all the kids and parents who have no affinity to North End have gone home with their half/half scarves and stories of queuing 30mins for a shit pint and cold pie, we'll be there. We'll be there making these bastards squirm - because we've been...
  11. Mashimbo

    January 2023 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Would you look him in the eye and tell him that?
  12. Mashimbo

    Robbie Brady

  13. Mashimbo

    January 2023 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Oof! Pocket billiards on the Lords day, you're a wrong un cha!
  14. Mashimbo

    Diaby needs to be playing.

    Wasn't dominant against the lashers, didn't he duck for one of their goals? Play Bambo next week, spurs might think he's the next Sol Campbell and buy him for 10billion pound. Pump ALL the money STRAIGHT back into the club - 50% first team/50% infrastructure. Everyone is happy. Yes, I've been...
  15. Mashimbo

    CONFIRMED Club Statement - Whats App Message

    We can't look to compare anything about our club with Burnley. The first time they went into the prem their chairman (Barry Kilby) pumped the money back into the infrastructure of the club. They built steadily from there. We've never had that platform to build from. In recent years they've...
  16. Mashimbo

    CONFIRMED Club Statement - Whats App Message

    How has this thread become a laughing stock??
  17. Mashimbo

    Current Status Re PNE?

    4 It would have been lower but I've been to some away games and have enjoyed the time - so hoping to experience the same at Deepdale sometime with the next five years. Without those away days it would have been a 2. It can't be higher because there are so many things surrounding the club -...
  18. Mashimbo

    Michael Appleton To Be Sacked (or quit again...)

    With "Jaffa the Could Work" as his assistant Tom lad, that's just shit
  19. Mashimbo


    Burger lukewarm at best, the only way that cheese would've melted would have involved the hand dryer in the bogs. Least there wasn't a queue, but at 2pm on the STF I can't work out if that's an actual positive. Girl serving was extremely helpful and polite, credit to her.