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  1. hulabaloo

    Prediction League PNE v Spurs 28/01/2023 - FA Cup

    Pne 1- 3 Spurs Richarlison 21222
  2. hulabaloo

    Name suggestions for new fanzone?

    The Major's Mess
  3. hulabaloo

    Club statement on current issues

    Nice to have communication and actual deadlines for us to hold them to account to. Baby steps.
  4. hulabaloo

    CONFIRMED PNE v Spurs - Saturday 28/01/23 - KO:6PM GMT - Ticket Details

    The number of tickets left should be a wake up call to the hierarchy, but no doubt they'll be as oblivious as ever.
  5. hulabaloo

    Accounts to June 2022 - loss for the year £15.5m

    Would those accounts reflect the season ticket boosted sales this year? Can't remember how early in the summer we were breaking our records for sales.
  6. hulabaloo

    CONFIRMED Club Statement - Whats App Message

    Really wish we could know exactly what you know if it's that bad. But completely understand the position it'd put you in Chip, so thanks for this much at least. Petition signed.
  7. hulabaloo

    History in the making

    With our Dick Kerr ladies history it's a nice link of support for females. Let's hope the game goes without incident and the landmark can be celebrated.
  8. hulabaloo

    Prediction League PNE v Norwich 14/01/2023 - Championship

    Pne 1-2 Norwich 15822 Pukki
  9. hulabaloo

    Prediction League PNE v Huddersfield 07/01/2023 - FA Cup

    Pne 2-1 Huddersfield O'Neill 5833
  10. hulabaloo

    Prediction League Stoke v PNE - 02/01/2023 - Championship

    Stoke 1-1 PNE Riis 21662
  11. hulabaloo

    Prediction League WBA v PNE 29/12/2022

    WBA 2-2 PNE Wallace 20781
  12. hulabaloo

    Prediction League PNE v Huddersfield 26/12/2022 - Championship

    Pne 2-0 Hudds Johnson 15339
  13. hulabaloo

    Prediction League PNE v QPR - 17/12/2022 - Championship

    PNE 1--1 QPR Dykes 14622
  14. hulabaloo

    Matchday Thread Plastics v Preston North End 10/12/22 - KO:12:00 - Championship

    Shit! I've got a bet on for 5-1, never expected it as a result. Just went for a crazy punt at 150/1
  15. hulabaloo

    Matchday Thread Plastics v Preston North End 10/12/22 - KO:12:00 - Championship

    With how dangerous we seem to be on the break, still think we can nick another one to put this to bed. Woodburn, Potts Johnson and ched look so close to scoring each time .
  16. hulabaloo

    Prediction League Plastics v PNE - 10/12/2022 - Championship (Live on Sky)

    Blackburn 2-0 PNE Brereton Diaz 19777
  17. hulabaloo

    CONFIRMED PNE Supporters Meeting Minutes - 16/11/22 (Response to open letter).

    Did they seriously ask would fans rather have 1 or 2 new strikers or the ingol land?