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  1. Keeper1

    Prediction League PNE v Bristol City - 04/02/2023 - Championship

    PNE 0 - 2 Bristol City Bell 13,760
  2. Keeper1

    CONFIRMED Club Statement - Whats App Message

    Some of us have already “been there, done that” & have little time left to watch what, since 1961, has been only a dream. Competing in top flight football. Resigned to the fact, under current ownership + with “leadership/direction” remaining under PR, nothing will change & like any of my...
  3. Keeper1

    Prediction League PNE v Spurs 28/01/2023 - FA Cup

    PNE 1 - 1 Spurs McCann 20,342
  4. Keeper1

    CONFIRMED Club Statement - Whats App Message

    It won’t from mine, many others & in particular one poster on here and members of the mods team.
  5. Keeper1

    CONFIRMED Club Statement - Whats App Message

    Re: numbers on the petition. I signed yesterday, but only got the confirmation email link today. May (hopefully) be signatories not confirmed yet. RIDSDALE OUT.
  6. Keeper1

    Prediction League Birmingham v PNE - 21/01/2023 - Championship

    Birmingham 2 - 0 PNE Deeney 17,999
  7. Keeper1

    CONFIRMED FA Cup 4th Round Draw (Spurs Home)

    FILTH!!!!!!!!!! 😜
  8. Keeper1

    Prediction League PNE v Norwich 14/01/2023 - Championship

    PNE 1 - 1 Norwich McCann 15,002
  9. Keeper1

    Prediction League PNE v Huddersfield 07/01/2023 - FA Cup

    PNE 1 - 0 Huddersfield McCann 7,001
  10. Keeper1

    Matchday Thread Stoke City v PNE - 02/01/23 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    Will Riis be coming off with a “wee knock?”
  11. Keeper1

    CONFIRMED Happy New Year and Thank You.

    Happy New Year to all. Keep up the good work updating the good & the bad for those of us who, for whatever reason, find it hard to attend Deepdale. Despite holding season tickets. 🤣 Sincerely appreciated, wishing the best of all good things to nobbers everywhere in 2023.
  12. Keeper1

    Prediction League Stoke v PNE - 02/01/2023 - Championship

    Stoke 2 - 0 PNE Campbell 19,235
  13. Keeper1

    Matchday Thread West Brom v PNE - 29/12/22 - KO:20:00 - Championship

    WBA sub hits the bar & provides an assist. Over to you Lowe. 😂
  14. Keeper1

    Matchday Thread West Brom v PNE - 29/12/22 - KO:20:00 - Championship

    A game of 2 halves? 🤞 Can Lowe earn his corn with his half time team talk and show he has, and players are capable of playing, a plan B? The only positives this half, Freddie & the boys & girls who have travelled. If only the outfield players were as committed and able.
  15. Keeper1

    Prediction League WBA v PNE 29/12/2022

    WBA 3 - 0 PNE Wallace 18,865
  16. Keeper1

    Prediction League PNE v Huddersfield 26/12/2022 - Championship

    PNE 2 - 1 Huddersfield Potts 14,830
  17. Keeper1

    Matchday Thread PNE v QPR - 17/12/22 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    Big chance missed. Can’t afford to waste our very few chances/shots on goal.