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  1. J

    General Championship Thread

    He got appointed as the club was being taken over. He signed, then 10 minutes later the takeover went through and decided to bring their own man in 🤣 Link here:
  2. J

    CONFIRMED PNE v Spurs - Saturday 28/01/23 - KO:6PM GMT - Ticket Details

    I’m more of a jelly bear flavour guy.
  3. J

    General Championship Thread

    Leroy Rosenior lasted 10 mins at Torquay United in 2007. That’s the record!
  4. J

    CONFIRMED PNE v Spurs - Saturday 28/01/23 - KO:6PM GMT - Ticket Details

    I just watched that match too. Aberdeen were atrocious. Quite fancy Darvel in the next round against Falkirk after that!
  5. J

    CONFIRMED PNE v Spurs - Saturday 28/01/23 - KO:6PM GMT - Ticket Details

    I’ve heard rumours that he’s getting interviewed by Gary Lineker at half time.
  6. J

    CONFIRMED PNE v Spurs - Saturday 28/01/23 - KO:6PM GMT - Ticket Details

    3 tickets for me bought in the family section. Bringing my 9 year old nephew on for his first game... he just wants to see Harry Kane haha!
  7. J

    What are our Chants?

    That was my favourite. With the slow build up it’s brilliant. Remember Bradford away a few years back and walking up onto the stand while it was beginning. Bring it back!
  8. J

    Rate the movie you've last seen

    Looks just like the Ribble :LOL:
  9. J

    Sunday League Footy

    Might roll my trebuchet down.
  10. J

    CONFIRMED FA Cup 4th Round Draw (Spurs Home)

    Still open for private and freight I believe
  11. J

    CONFIRMED FA Cup 4th Round Draw (Spurs Home)

    Got mine pinched by a girl in the Roebuck in Leyland that evening 🤣
  12. J

    New restaurants in Preston

    Wonder if the staff had any notice?
  13. J

    Matchday Thread PNE v Huddersfield - 07/01/23 KO:12:30 - FA Cup 3rd Rnd

    Sounds like I’m not missing much. I’ll continue to enjoy my break in Venice 😎
  14. J

    Your favourite opening lines to a song.

    When the rain came, I thought you'd leave, 'cause I knew how much you loved the sun. But you chose to stay, stay and keep me warm, through the darkest nights, I've ever known.
  15. J

    Tribute to Gentry

    Seriously though, did we really lose a fan called Keith Lard?
  16. J

    Post your gigs.

    A Life Less Ordinary is one of my all time favourites. Beautiful record.
  17. J

    Terry Hall RIP

    And now Iain Templeton from Shack / The La’s 😟
  18. J

    Terry Hall RIP

    Really sad news. Was lucky enough to see him, with most of the Specials at Bestival in 2008. They were the secret guest on the Sunday (I think) and there’d been rumours all weekend that it could be them. When the 2 Tone Records image appeared on the screens on the main stage the crowd went mad...
  19. J

    The Plastics Thread.