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    Matchday Thread Stoke City v PNE - 02/01/23 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    Favourite quote from the Stoke City message board. “Let's be realistic. Preston won the double in 1889 and we almost took a point of them today.”
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    New Turnstiles for U11s

    Probably the same people who complain about the club’s lack of spending.
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    In the news for all the wrong reasons

    We were just about to get on the bridge as the police moved in, as the earlier poster said we were fully mixed with Wigan fans with little bother. There was a group of North End knob heads at the top of the first stairs to the bridge trading insults and the occasional missile, although very...
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    St Cuthbert Mayne,Fulwood.

    I went to what started as Blessed Cuthbert Mayne 68-73 and later became St Cuthbert Mayne. As Ando said there were lots of students from Penwortham, Much Hoole etc used to travel and ended when All Hallows’ opened. The Deputy Head Mr Melling went to the new school as Headteacher I believe. I...
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    Fellow nobber in difficulty

    Very sad news, RIP
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    Match day parking

    I had one a couple of seasons ago due to my father in law’s inability to walk from our previous parking spot, but got sick of finding my allocated space occupied, usually by players or their wives cars. I always got a space but was told by stewards just to park in any free space which probably...
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    Official Statement. No Takeover at Present (Confirmed)

    I was posting it earlier but wasn’t logged on, it automatically posted it when I logged on which was after other posts. Story of my life!
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    Beamback of Blackpoo game (Confirmed)

    Mine popped through the letterbox this morning
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    Tickets for Derby a Fiver - Proceeds to Charity.

    I’m sure there are lots of single tickets available which are always harder to shift.
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    Tribute to deceased fan

    It certainly brought a tear to my eye, rest in peace Rich.
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    Sky and Ifollow details for season restart.

    Thanks for that, doesn’t really surprise me though as Apple seem to try and sew everything up so you have to buy more of their devices. iPad it is then, it’s going to be a very weird end to the season.
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    Sky and Ifollow details for season restart.

    Anyone know how to set up a chrome cast so I can watch the games on a tv rather than my iPad?
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    Stop that .....from giving the other a piggyback over the wall

    “I remember it as walk with a wiggle and talk with a squawk, doing the Preston Boot walk.“ Twas in the day of skinheads and Suadeheads after all!
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    Stop that .....from giving the other a piggyback over the wall

    Yes absolutely ridiculous, not like that classic. “I’m a knock kneed chicken, I’m a bow legged hen............................
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    Let’s be fair about this poll, 150 people have voted which is totally meaningless. Anyone who can be bothered to look at the clubs accounts will see the amount of money it takes to run the club and how little income the club gets. Signing players up to long term contracts costs a lot of money...
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    Ben Davies

    I cant believe Hunt’s current form, he is an absolute star. I know that Davis is the future but it’s great to know that we have a player of such quality to fall back on. I also hope that the club reward him with a decent testimonial game and possibly a contract extension as I cannot think of...
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    PNE on Radio 5 Live

    There was an extended piece about North End this lunch time with Adrian Childs. It was very complimentary and had a couple of fans and ex players on. It talked about our chances and issues such as the #teams like Preston hashtag. I tried to locate it on BBC Sounds but unfortunately...
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    Match Day - Birmingham City v PNE - 21/09/19 KO:15:00 - Championship

    Just glad we aren't playing them when they are on form!