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    Training Ground Update - Delayed by YEARS

    The new M55 link road/junction project is not scheduled for completion, according to this article, until 2023. The profits on the housing at Ingol won't be realised in full for up to a decade probably.
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    Training Ground Update - Delayed by YEARS

    We've literally spent the equivalent of our transfer record on a currently useless piece of land. Meanwhile we have flapped around for two transfer windows failing to sign a centre forward. It just goes to show that the priorities at the club, certainly upstairs, don't include success on the pitch.
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    Training Ground Update - Delayed by YEARS

    From when the planning was approved -
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    Training Ground Update - Delayed by YEARS

    If you believe that, you'll believe anything. Like many others I have never been comfortable with the way Hemmings took over the club or the way he runs it. However with the training ground application I think we all got behind it because just for once in our lifetimes, it looked like PNE were...
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    Some people will always view these types of tycoons as god-like figures, just because they've made a lot of money.
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    Training Ground Update - Delayed by YEARS

    Yes I expect this summer, if we're still in this league, will be similar to what we've seen after previous player sales. Players leaving for £7-10m, or potentially more in Pearson and Davies' case, and then hardly any money will be available to reinvest in replacements. So the club will still...
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    Training Ground Update - Delayed by YEARS

    In June 2017, the Lancashire Post reported that the training ground would come first, and then the housing afterwards. As a local paper, you would presume that they were told this by the club. I provided the quotes from the article and the link to it on a previous thread on this topic, in...
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    Training Ground Update - Delayed by YEARS

    February 2017 on the club website -
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    Training Ground Update - Delayed by YEARS

    In my opinion, there is no chance that Hemmings will ever pay £10m for a new training ground, even with the proceeds from the housing developments. Ingol will never happen. Sounds like the sporting facilites at Springfields won't be getting much of an upgrade, it's just changing rooms and...
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    Match Day - PNE v Millwall - 15/02/2020 - KO:15:00

    Nugent's miss wasn't a surprise. He isn't really a goal threat anymore and the odd good chance he does get he misses. He's missed a few sitters this season. Neil just needs to take a look at how we're setting up at home. Obviously across the season our record at Deepdale is very good, but we've...
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    Most teams have players who like to wind up the crowd. Pearson and Fisher do it every week. What Brewster did earlier is no different to Browne shushing the Leeds fans and Nugent trying to wind them up, then us conceding a late equaliser. I quite like the aggressive edge Brewster has to his...
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    David Nugent

    He did very well against Stoke. There's a big difference though between leading the line from the start of games every week and coming on to make a difference for half an hour every now and then. As we knew during both transfer windows this season, our current bunch of strikers can offer...
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    Potts may come back into contention for the games at West Brom and Fulham. Neil seems to like what he offers in the big games. He hasn't got going really this season but the team has been very consistent since the start of the season so it's been hard for anyone who started the season out of...
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    Simon Grayson to be Sacked.

    They are lucky they didn't have a much bigger deduction. Still as you say it's probably irrelevant anyway as they'll be in League Two next time around.
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    Will Dennis stop the Wall

    It's certainly put some rain down over the past week and it's expected that another month's worth of rain will fall at the weekend. However we haven't had a game called off at Deepdale for a flooded pitch in a very long time, so suspect the only way it could be postponed is if there are safety...
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    McLean on Pearson

    Pearson seems to do what he did regularly. Tackle someone after the whistle has gone, pretending he doesn't know play has been stopped. That's what casued McClean to react. Yellow for Pearson was right but should've been red for McClean.
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    Simon Grayson to be Sacked.

    Maxwell had a shocker on Tuesday night on a couple of the goals.
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    Simon Grayson to be Sacked.

    Different scenarios really. Neil had delivered a 7th placed finish just months before that poor run, and was/is working with a bottom 3 budget in our division. Grayson hasn't delivered now for years and his recent record is dreadful. In his last job at Bradford, albeit in a short space of time...
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    Simon Grayson to be Sacked.

    They aren't going to get promoted, true, largely because of Grayson. That's the problem. Amidst all the chaos at Blackpool, it's often forgotten that they were a solid League One side prior to him taking over. They finished 10th last season despite the off the field problems. They finished 12th...
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    Harry Maguire has always been good for England. I think due to the price tag, some have expected a Van Dijk type impact from him at United, but he's still been good for them. A back 4 of Alexander-Arnold - Gomez - Maguire - Chilwell would be decent. The main problem England have had...