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    Training Ground Update - Delayed by YEARS

    Would involve changing our name to RB Preston, our crest to involve the Red Bull logo and also changing Deepdale to being called Red Bull Arena. Not sure how any of that would go down on here 😂
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    Will Dennis stop the Wall

    I highly recommend viewing Millwall's forum, one of the strangest and funniest forums I've seen. Threads about threesomes, a saucy message idea to write in his wife's card and someone asking if people would have dreadlocks or not. Immigration and Brexit have been big topics previously
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    You can also tell when Finney retired as well, attendance dropped from 24k to 16k even though we was still in the old division 1 Also strange that our avg attendance in our 2014/15 promotion season was lower than our first 3 seasons in league.
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    New restaurants in Preston

    Thanks for that, I will now be checking every pizza I eat now in case there is a thumbnail hidden in there 😂
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    New restaurants in Preston

    Volare on Blackpool road near Lane Ends is the best pizza in preston imo
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    bi-polar Oatie Fan Base don't like us (haha)

    Don't get their comments. When Pullis managed them in the prem, weren't they exactly the same? Didn't play nice football but would shithouse teams and do the ugly side of it.
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    That's convenient 😂
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    Didn't have chance to start this thread before the Super Bowl but just wondering if there are any NFL fans on here who watched the game at the weekend? Also who's is everyone's team? And what do you expect for next season (Unfortunately it's 7 months away) My team is the Cowboys so hoping a...
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    Match Day - PNE v Swansea - 01/02/2020 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    Ignore me 😂 looks out he is out for a while as suggested then
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    Match Day - PNE v Swansea - 01/02/2020 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    Bayliss’ shirt is hung up on the latest picture north end have tweeted. Potentially in the squad
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    How anyone can back Hemmings after this window is beyond me. Don't see the point in him having PR as his advisor if he never listens to him. It's so clearly obvious we are crying out for a striker. Says it all when our top goalscorers are all midfielders yet Trev thinks we can get promoted with...
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    Striker recruitment

    Everyone bangs on about following Brentfords transfer strategy but imo it's Peterborough's strategy we should be following. They've hired the bloke who runs the Blades_Analytic account on twitter for their recruitment which shows they're going for this approach. I'm not sure how expensive it...
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    Gentry Day 2020 - Brentford (18th April) - Confirmed

    Wrong forum to come on to complain about poor play off success
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    My guess is loaning Storey out and getting someone in as cover
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    Gentry day

    Brentford for me. Last season at their current stadium and they know what Gentry Day is about and respect it after a couple years of having it there. Not to mention a good choice of Pubs nearby.
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    'Squad adjustment' according to Nixon. 1 in 1 out (not including Maxwell). Not sure what that means.
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    Maybe he’s on about our pre season camp is in Rhodes this summer
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    Unfortunately I can't see us getting Sharp. However going back to a comment from ChipBarm to keep an eye on players returning to parent clubs...It's got to be either Surridge or Scott Hogan. Hogan who is still living off his 4 month purple patch at Brentford so not sure on him. Surridge I...
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    He was at Doncaster when his boy passed away and he scored that goal just a few days after it I believe.
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    Scott Sinclair Signs - 2 1/2 year contract. (Confirmed)

    His name fits perfect with the karma chameleon song (Tommy Barkhuizen) Surely there can be a song created with that tune. Maybe still Aston Villa's that they had for Gabby Agbonlahor