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  1. preach

    Is bayliss actually real ?

    Must be a proper 'boid to be getting no time on the field, feed on to Doncaster.
  2. preach

    McLean on Pearson

    They were both acting like a pair of idiots.
  3. preach

    Seeking technical help

    Cheers bud.
  4. preach

    Seeking technical help

    If you could save me some leg work and change mine to 'boid swatter' id appreciate that very much, thanks pal.
  5. preach

    Seeking technical help

    Unfortunately they have removed custom title from my options list, looks like I'll have to live with the '2', which isn't so bad as it's a great number.
  6. preach

    Seeking technical help

    Thanks Sid, just need Jack Daniels to sort my signature out for me now, he never seems to be about when needed any more:(.
  7. preach

    Seeking technical help

    Attention all nerds. How do I get signatures on? How do I remove the number '2' from under my name and replace with something more suitable? Thanks. Pweach.
  8. preach


    Make sure you pack plenty of spare underpants bud. You get pooey bottom out there.
  9. preach

    New member,

    Seems okay this new bloke, best not turn out to be a scuzzball gimboid.
  10. preach

    Skipton Whites

    Id like to come aswel. I'm in Skipton that day also. I've got a 4 pack of frozen Linda McCartney veggie burgers I've been saving since 1997 for a special occasion such as this.
  11. preach

    How do you play Wigan ?

    Maguire is a being a 'boid at the moment though Jack.
  12. preach

    The Transfer Window is not for us ?

    Middlefart FC have at least 10 crap players available for loan, ideal for us.
  13. preach

    Northern to lose franchise

    Bring back the Intercity 125's, proper muscle locos.
  14. preach

    Prediction League - PNE v Swansea - 01/02/2020 - Championship

    Preston 6 - 1 Swansea 12345 Sinclair
  15. preach

    Gentry Day 2020 - Brentford (18th April) - Confirmed

    For gods sake, I can't make this one, fecking gimboid's.
  16. preach

    Match Day - Barnsley v PNE - 21/01/20 - KO:19:45 - Championship

    Pack it in you little smeg stained gimboid.
  17. preach


    He's crap, replace and move on.
  18. preach

    Where will we finish?

    Above Doncaster.
  19. preach

    Clothes and fashion

    Alkers shoes is where I get all my clobber from.
  20. preach

    Trains to Blackburn

    The toilets are soiled.