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    Lapsed Supporters

    We’ll put.
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    Captain Leader Legend?

    Agreed, the only two I really wanted us to keep, have left, Davies and Pearson.
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    Captain Leader Legend?

    Alan Browne is no more than an average Championship player, he has certain qualities, passing not amongst them but certainly not captain material.
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    Anyone know if its true that Hartleys is changing hands therefore no more soul nites on Saturdays?
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    Blackpool Game

    Its not far away now. Just wondering what your score predictions are and how you think the game will go?
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    not really a gamble

    After all the recent debate about mr shaws statements about our lack of cash, would it really be much of a gamble, to say, spend one or two million pounds on new players.If we were to be promoted it would have been worth it ,yet if we werent it appears pretty obvious that nugent would want...