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    Matchday Thread Norwich City v PNE - 08/10/22 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    Sat in Spain you had me going crazy there
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    Open Letter to PNE fans

    Must admit I still call the Ref a black b____rd . Mind not out loud. Because of his kit in the 70s
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    Poch gone- Mourinho in

    They might want a true lily white
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    Anyone hearing Scott sinclair incoming..

    Read some were we wanted on a loan but they wanted 2.5 million for him
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    Match Day - Charlton v PNE - 3/11/19 - KO:12:00 - Championship

    Watching on sky the one they had in the side netting commentator or side kick said Rudd flapping at ball . But kept a clean sheet so happy
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    Don’t mean to put a downer on a great result

    I think Rudd has improved since the new coach came . Also think he was improving under Kelly, but not having a coach between them is not his fault
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    Alex Neil

    He seems to have all the squad in his corner. And his tactics seem top notch.
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    Daniel Johnson to Wigan 1.5mill rumour

    Dave Sedon on Twitter said Wigan only asking about a loan
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    Season Ticket prices announced

    I did it last year and the finance firm send a letter before the club got in touch
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    Season Ticket prices announced

    Managed to get mine today so next year I’ll know don’t go on Preston site go on ticket site
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    I heard it’s a Scaphoid did mine about 10 years ago very painful