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    Selling the Stadiums Naming Rights

    Don't see the point of this when we all know that any money raised would go to reducing the losses they hate subsidising.
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    January 2023 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Looking more and more like Harrop mark two. That will be a new 2 ear contract then.
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    Hospitality push

    There is so much potential for creating a decent hospitality offering. Going back 12 years plus, the great room was used every home match with a decent meal speaker, man of the match award with crowds no higher than they are now. Surely with 12 to 16 thousand on every home game there is the...
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    The Heathcotes brand at Deepdale is trashed beyond repair. Surprised Paul wants to be associated with it.
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    CONFIRMED Club update from Craig Hemmings

    And who do we have as the gatekeeper to manage interest on the club? Ridsdale whose main objective is to keep himself in a job. This won't end well.
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    CONFIRMED Club update from Craig Hemmings

    He clearly doesn't have an annual performance assessment otherwise he would be out for gross misconduct looking at the seriously shit decisions he has made year on year which have cost the Hemmings family millions.
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    Hemmings family - time to go?

    Never a truer word was said. Wholesale mismanagement over years allied to blatant lies coming from the voice of the owner and now silence. It hurts to see things falling apart.
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    Loanwatch 22/23

    When you look at everything else being mismanaged as highlighted in other threads, it shows what a shambles the running of our club has become.
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    Next 3 Years

    I would have been happy with RWB and two strikers who can hold up the ball work off each other and take more than one chance in 20. Pretty academic really, we are both wasting out breath with this lot.
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    Next 3 Years

    With maybe three more players, we would have the nucleus of a very good team but how many times have we seen this in the last twenty years. I really can't understand the Hemmings business model which seems intent of wasting money on players who clearly can't hack it in this league. Football at...
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    Anyone with young kids ...

    I cried in 1970 when the Lasher's stuffed us 3-0 with a Fred Pickering hat trick effectively relegating us to division 3 and they got promoted to division 1. I was 12 and watching the visiting fans lauding over us left scars that still remain to this day. Probably accounted for my long standing...
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    Under the new regime post TH, not sure if investment is a given even if we are in dire straits at the end of December. Seem more intent on balancing the books these days.
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    Sell the club and take Ridsdale with you.

    The years of financial mismanagement with Ridsdale as the chief conductor are coming to a head. While TH was alive many gross mistakes such as stupid contact extensions and failure to invest properly in youth were made on the footballing side Other issues instigated by Hemmings himself going...
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    DJ the wingback.

    Agree with this, always found Middlesbrough fans a decent lot. Remember having a good conversation with them in the pub ahead of our playoff final v Swindon. They were at Wembley for their playoff final and said we were a proper football club and wishing us luck against the southerners.
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    Support for Ukraine

    There is no place anywhere for jokes in bad taste as far as this is concerned. Just look at the news.
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    Chris Kirchner - Rumour - Possible Takeover

    Disturbing parallel with the Walker family. Once Jack had passed, loyality to the fans and it's town goes out of the window. How much due diligence went on with the chicken farmers? Hope the Hemmings family don't go the same way. Ultimately the majority of so called owners are in it as a vanity...
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    Jordan Storey joins Sheffield Wednesday on loan (Confirmed)

    Seems like Jordan had another good game. 2nd in MOM poll and third clean sheet in a row. SW fans are buzzing.
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    January 2022 - Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Attacking wise Josh looks a shadow of the lad who first burst onto the scene. In his first season, can remember several exciting mazy runs beating defenders. Seems the desire to attack has been coached out of him.
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    Harrop joins Fleetwood on loan (confirmed)

    Raw talent without application is rarely a recipe for success. There are many many examples of less talented footballers making a success of their football career though effort and practice. I wish Josh all the best but all the indications are that this won't end well.
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    Match Day - PNE v Sheff Utd - 18/01/22 - KO:19:45

    Thinking back to the Plastics home defeat where Neil shut up shop for damage limitation, this feels like a different world. Such a big contrast.