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    CONFIRMED Liam Millar signs on loan.

    3 breaks in play plus any made at half time. Hence how we made four separate subs.
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    Mason Greenwood

    Told you they tend to go on!
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    Mason Greenwood

    The Athletic have been leading the way reporting Manchester United's flip-flopping over the last few weeks. I'm afraid it's behind a paywall so I can't link, so here's their reporting of the facts. (I can post the whole article if anyone wants but it's huge The Athletic does do deep reporting...
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    Walkout Music

    Or the greatest theme tune of all time, Grandstand. You can picture them all doing this in the Finney
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    What's he done wrong? Let's not go too far the other way. He's a 61 year old man chasing after 18 year olds. Certainly not illegal, definitely none of our business and absolutely nowhere near worthy of the coverage it's getting. But it's creepy at best. I hate personalising these things, but...
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    A lot of people have behaved appallingly around this story, Huw Edwards amongst them. But I'd argue he's not been the worst
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    The BBC needs to change or die

    I agree with a lot of the criticisms of the BBC presented here, particularly regarding the website. I suppose the best metric for a successful site is the number of clicks, but this does not excuse the dumbed down, sensational, overly provocative content that seems to be its bread and butter...
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    New Podcast

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    Sick of shoddy World Cup punditry? Try Special 1 TV

    Tucked in between all the former members of Atomic Kitten presenting make-over shows and Eastenders repeats, BBC3 has this little gem I think it's bloody marvellous. It was on Setanta before they went bust, so if...
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    McCarthy on Neill Collins

    It's over a year old, so sorry if it's been posted before. Think it's quite a shrewd analysis myself...
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    Sheff. Wed. Chairman - "Irvine was stitched up"

    I was having a quick browse on a Sheffield Wednesday forum just to have a nosey what they thought of Irvine. (Yes, yes I know, but I'm bored & it's too bloody slippy to go anywhere). It would appear that their Chairman is brave/daft enough to post on there; their fans reactions to him point to...
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    Mods - A plea (Merged)

    Can I appeal to the mods to do something about the plague of attention seeking threads that are polluting this board*. I realise what tricky a task moderation is & I’m normally loath to suggest any limit on “freedom of speech”, but many fans now use this board as their main source of news. At a...
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    Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

    I'm not normally a fan of musicals (not being gay or owt) but I think this recent effort by Joss Whedon (the Buffy & Angel bloke) is nothing short of genius It's exceptionally funny & it's success has potentially widespread implications for the...