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    Bambo Diaby Signs short term deal (Confirmed)

    Looking at the still of him signing on the official site, he’s obviously a left hander. Wonder if he can play left wing back?
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    Looking for a PNE rain jacket - sold out in the online store

    Ha! Thought my first reply had disappeared into the ether!
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    Looking for a PNE rain jacket - sold out in the online store

    Depends how badly you want one and whether you want to pay the price, but have a look at under their sports section. It’s obviously not official club merchandise but they do a customised PNE rain jacket. More expensive than the club shop and you need to email them to confirm...
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    Goals of the Season 2019-20

    Like you, I always bought the end of season goals compilation. In fact I even got my old VHS tapes converted to DVD. I often wondered why they were only sold from the ticket office rather than the club shop and it’s hardly surprising they weren’t exactly flying off the shelves. Anyway, the...
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    Goals Compilation DVD

    For anyone, like me, who buys the annual end of season Goals Compilation DVD, last season's DVD is now available from the PNE ticket office, (not the club shop). £12.99 and a pretty decent watch.
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    Goals of the season dvd 2015/16

    For anyone who, like me, buys the annual end of season goals compilation DVD, the 2015/16 issue has now been released. For some reason, it is not being sold in the club shop but, instead, can be bought from the ticket office. As usual, all league and cup goals (for and against), are included...
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    The Boar's Head, Friargate.

    Can anyone with a long enough memory help, please? Going back to the late 1960's and early 1970's, what was the name of the upstairs bar in the Boar's Head pub which used to be on Friargate not too far from the St Georges shopping centre? That bar was really popular and at weekends would...