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    CONFIRMED Milutin Osmajić Signs - 4 Year Deal

    He played at the Nou Camp less than 4 weeks ago, I don't think Rotherham away is going to be an issue in terms of crowd
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    Team Vs. Plymouth

    Woodman Storey Lindsay Hughes Potts Whiteman McCann Millar Holmes Browne Frokjaer False 9 for extra The Brand™️ point
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    What would now make our best First XI?

    Obviously with injuries, form and suspensions there's not really such thing as a first 11, and I doubt all 11 will be available at the same time to play together very often, but if I had to pick I'd go with the below: ..............................Woodman .................Storey Lindsay...
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    Summer 2023 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Surely he's already repaid us for giving him thr opportunity by scoring all those goals, so now owes us nothing
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    Riis and our striker situation

    Players tend to come back from injuries like these much better than they did 20 years ago. When worrying about Riis not coming back the same player posters often reach for examples from decades ago like Michael Owen, the treatment side of the game has moved forwards significantly since then.
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    Summer 2023 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Could Everton be trying to create a bidding war? Tell Nixon that there's no deal agreed while scouting around other Championship clubs (including Sheffield Wednesday) trying to get better offers in the hope that we'll agree to match it to avoid the supporters kicking off if he goes somewhere...
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    Summer 2023 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    What you're describing is an inverted wing back, it became popular last season after Guardiola and Klopp used it with John Stones and Trent Alexander-Arnold respectively.
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    Summer 2023 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    They've been given the chance to show whether they can cope in men's football in training and on loan. They aren't given minutes because they've shown they can't cope in men's football yet, at least at this level
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    January 2023 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    I doubt he'll stay. At 30 this is probably his last chance to get a 2/3 year deal on a higher wage. An extra £5000 per week on a 2 year contract is an extra half a million pounds for him and his family, and if he doesn't take it now he probably won't have a chance at earning money like that...
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    Summer 2022 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    There's nothing to suggest it's actually Peter Risdale, anyone can create a Facebook profile, put the name as Peter Risdale, and stick a few photos of him on it. I doubt the actual Peter Risdale would be posting on PNE fan Facebook groups.
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    Summer 2022 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Because he's been consistently shite
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    Summer 2022 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    What's the logic behind the bit in bold? How would the EFL breaking away make PL clubs poorer? They all get their money from TV rights all over the world and would still get them whether they were part of the EFL pyramid or not. With the 3rd paragraph, I agree having such big development...
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    Summer 2022 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Why would any players want to play in this breakaway league and earn 5k a week, when they could sit in a PL clubs under 23s earning 20k a week, then go to France, Holland or Germany if it doesn't work out, as many already do?
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    Summer 2022 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Really? It seemed a pretty harmless joke to me. To an outsider, pages and pages of tributes to a poster who isn't going to write on a forum any more probably does look quite amusing, and poking a bit of fun at that seems pretty reasonable. Feel like emotions are high and some posters have got...
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    Summer 2022 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Was there any info suggesting he was up here for a medical? All I saw was a gif of a dancing penguin then everyone getting themselves excited convincing themselves it must mean a medical was happening.
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    Summer 2022 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    I wasn't around for the first 2 so I don't know if this is correct for them, but Lonergan, Stuckmann, Maxwell and Rudd were all at the club already when the no.1s who replaced them were signed. They were originally no 1s before they were displaced by a new signing, then decided to stay and fight...
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    CONFIRMED Retained List

    Suspect Coulton and O'Reilly will go out on loan so 7 spaces for RL to get his 22. 3xGK, LWB, RWB, ST and another, maybe a CB or another Striker?
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    January 2022 - Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    If we let all the out of contract players go and get rid of Maguire, Bayliss and Harrop then that's 15 players off the wage bill this summer (including the loans returning, not including youth players). I think if we don't add any more this window we'd need 6 additions in the summer: a...