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    Summer 2023 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    If BW is not signing a new contract I am ok with him going. I would rather do what Peterborough do (transfer list players who dont want to sign a new contract with a year to go), but we must buy players with that money. DJ, Josh O, Ledson, Brown and Whiteman are all replacable, we have little or...
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    CONFIRMED Daniel Johnson leaving on end of contract

    Great player for our club, but since he signed his big contract has never consistently done it, if he had stayed i would not have seen him improving on a mostly average season last season. Would rather his wages went on a player (or 2)with a bit of pace, come on PNE, we know what we need...
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    Build a team around Ali McCann they said 🤣🤣

    Ali was fantastic in the first 60 mins, coming short and pressing loads.. After the sub ( Parrott off which I would have also done) the whole team fell apart. Don't think the op has any idea about football if he thinks Ali is the problem....
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    Matchday Thread Sheff Utd v PNE - 29/04/23 - KO:15:00 (Lashers relegation party)

    The second goal, he ran past DJ and Ledson, the lazy gits cant do it...!!!!!!!
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    Matchday Thread Sheff Utd v PNE - 29/04/23 - KO:15:00 (Lashers relegation party)

    Bit of passion would be nice, its a must win game. The midfield 3 are not going to be box to box, we have little or no width, we also cant seem to pass the ball to feet in the final third when we eventually get there......
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    CONFIRMED 2023/24 Season Tickets - Home is where the heart is (11K+ Sold - 06/06/23 - 24 Hour 'Last Chance)

    Some people moan about 'it runs out before I can see what players we buy', 'its going to be crap football'..... GET A LIFE... I will follow my team when they are crap, which since I have followed from early 80's has been most of the time. If I am still here in 30/40 years, they will still be...
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    Would you buy a £200 ST to watch Loweball?

    All these people, 'i am never going on again', 'that's it with this club', if you don't want to go, DONT GO..... Yes, its not been great for a while, but its my club, always will be, I have been there when we finished next to bottom in the old div 4 like others, I will be there every game I can...
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    Daniel Johnson

    Not read all this thread, but some people are looking for any excuse to blame RL for anything or everything, shocking.... DJ has been poor for a good while, seems not to have his heart in it, little or no desire to work for the team, especially when he is on 19k a week. There is no way he is...
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    Matchday Thread PNE v Bristol City - 4/2/23 KO 15:00 - Championship

    We still don't create much at all, a header in the first half, Bradys header in the second, a few scrambles in their box, but nothing where you could say 'he should have scored'....
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    Matchday Thread PNE v Bristol City - 4/2/23 KO 15:00 - Championship

    Cant think of any players they have improved, man management is really not there...
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    Matchday Thread PNE v Bristol City - 4/2/23 KO 15:00 - Championship

    Thought he played really well in the first half. Second half he was bypassed, we really have knocked the player out of him though...
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    Matchday Thread PNE v SPURS - 28/01/23 - KO:18:00 - FA Cup 4th Round

    Still have no one who can GO PAST A MAN WITH PACE
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    Matchday Thread PNE v Norwich City - 14/01/23 - KO 3PM GMT - Championship

    No leaders in the team No passion or desire They don't appear fit enough No pace in the team We seem to have done Ali McCann, thought he was good when he first arrived, no doubt we will do that to these young strikers soon as well :mad:, Why did RL not change it at 2-0 when it was obvious it...
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    January 2023 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    I am all for a couple of strikers coming in, BUT we don't create chances at home for them to put away. They would be feeding of scraps like our current strikers. We need a midfielder/RWB who can go past a man, maybe the lad from Man U or the Rotherham one, but someone with pace or trickery...
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    January 2023 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Initially PR has done an ok job in the early years, but we are in need of fresh ideas and fresh perspective from someone, someone younger with a bit of get up and go who will engage with the fans. Like other posters I have my gripes.... - the fan zone is an embarrassment, its a tent. - the...
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    Home / away form

    As Naughton says, press a little more at home and win the ball further up the pitch, rather than win it in our half of the pitch with 11 players to try and go past. We dont have the pace or trickery to work the ball through 11 players when playing at home, yet... As I say to my lad, would love...
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    State of play.

    Most home games have been poor this season. We lack creativity and pace in the final third at home, today with BW and DJ showed that they are not good enough at this level, especially with what DJ is earning. Desperately need a couple in Jan if only loan, I don't blame Ryan Lowe (yet)...
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    Matchday Thread PNE v QPR - 17/12/22 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    QPR showed us what we need in our team... If we had two player who could run at a defence with pace, instead of slow one paced DJ and BW we would be in with a chance. The only player we have had in recent years is Barky. Away from home its fine, but at home we need to have a go at teams, today...
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    Three questions for the club?

    Agree with some of the question already asked, 1 - What is the medium to long term strategy? 2 - Have there been any suitable offers/interest for the club? 3 - Have they not looked at someone instead of PR to give the club some fresh ideas, which we are desperate for...
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    Matchday Thread Huddersfield Town v PNE - 18/10/22 - KO:19:45 - Championship

    We have a very workman like team, they are good at the defending, creating little passing triangles, we just lack someone who can go and create something in the final third or do something different, we tend to play a lot of our football around the halfway line, what I would give for someone...