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    Prediction League Leicester v PNE - 04/10/23 - Championship

    LCFC 3 - 0 PNE Vardy 28,373
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    Matchday Thread PNE v Birmingham City - 19/09/23 - KO:7:45pm - Championship

    That's why that Manu manager often said that one of his players was injured and couldn't join the England squad, but was then 'surprisingly' fit for the next MU game.
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    Prediction League PNE v Birmingham - 19/09/23 - Championship

    PNE 1 - 0 BCFC Browne 17,375
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    Stoke away allocation, prices (Sold Out)

    Very possibly a good time to play them as they will hopefully think that they can steamroller us as they did against Rotherham mid-week. Rarely does a team repeat a high-scoring performance: more famous last words.
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    Prediction League Stoke v PNE - 02/09/23 - Championship

    Stoke City 0 - 1 PNE Browne 21,855
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    Prediction League PNE v Swansea - 26/08/23 - Championship

    PNE 2 - 0 Swansea City Browne 16,584
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    Matchday Thread Sheffield Wednesday v PNE -19/08/23 - KO:3PM - Championship

    Your comment is totally irrelevant: Sheff Wed - PNE matchday thread.
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    Pubs in Sheffield on Saturday?

    As it so very often does, a thread drifts towards replies which have absolutely nothing to do with the original question.
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    Prediction League Sheff Weds v PNE - 19/08/23 - Championship

    Sheffield Wednesday 1 - 1 PNE Browne 23,827
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    Prediction League PNE v Sunderland - 12/08/23 - Championship

    PNE 1 - 0 Sunderland Keane 19,522
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    Matchday Thread PNE v Salford City - 08/08/23 - KO:7:45 PM - EFL Cup

    It's that pathetic tactic of playing it out and around at the back. It frequently leads to a chance for the opposition and rarely creates a chance for the team attempting to play the ball out. It's time for it to go.
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    Prediction League PNE v Salford - 08/08/23 - League Cup

    PNE 3 - 0 Salford Keane 6201
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    Prediction League Bristol City v PNE - 05/08/23 - Championship

    Bristol City 2 - 0 PNE Scott 21,193
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    Match Officials to adopt new approach for 23/24

    My time-wasting annoyance is when keepers, late in the game, catch a lame cross or an attempt at goal and immediately fall to the floor for no other reason than to waste time. They then lie there or a few seconds, get up, have a look round, bounce the ball a few times and then kick it or...
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    Good Luck to Morecambe.

    If you have any affinity with the Dolly Blues, you will not wish any success for Morecambe.
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    Prediction League Sheff Utd v PNE - 29/04/2023 - Championship

    Sheff U 2 - 0 PNE Ndiaye 28,236
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    Play-off chances

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    Play-off chances

    Very average really. Records shows 76 goals in 125 games for Brighton in three years: pretty good. The rest is 76 goals in 355 games which is about a goal every five games: hardly prolific for a striker.