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    Official Statement. No Takeover at Present (Confirmed)

    After all this time ??
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    Summer 2022 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    That’s a pretty silly comparison given the trust doesn’t earn 1 billion per annum???
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    Official Statement. No Takeover at Present (Confirmed)

    I have not posted on here for years. I have followed this thread with interest though. My overall synopsis for what it’s worth. Kirchner given his background ( his business runs on blockchain technology) and his lack of any researchable net worth. Massively points towards his wealth being in...
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    Phil Brown here for the long haul.

    Just said so on SSN. Lets hope Big Trev backs him.
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    Six men in the wall.

    with six men in the wall what part of the goal should our goalkeeper protect, oh dear the part where he was stood.
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    Little Pea

    United have signed a 21 year old Mexican striker, Hernandez (nickname little pea). Surely they can afford to loan us a striker next season as all ours are poo.
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    Parry Medical Monday

    Signs Monday according to the LEP, personal terms and fee already agreed. I think he will be a good addition.
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    Third bid for McKenna

    The Daily Express Friday July 3,2009 BILLY DAVIES is set to make Preston midfielder Paul McKenna his fifth signing of the week. Nottingham Forest boss Davies has made a third offer of about £850,000 for McKenna. McKenna, 31, has been with Preston for 12 years. QPR goalkeeper Lee Camp, 24, has...
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    Come on Alan tell us your staying

    Just come out and tell us all your committed to the cause, or are you sceaming an escape plan????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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    sedgewick is w**k

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    you know who you are......

    you tosser. Dont know if anyone else saw the dick head argueing with Irvine on the invinsibles at the end of the game. Imo Alan has done the best job he can with what he has got and he doesnt deserve that kind of abuse.
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    Ha Ha, Hi everyone, read quiet alot on here but don't often post. Thought I must share this as it made me chuckle. Just driven passed Deepdale and the 'welcome to deepdale' sign where it puts our next opponents, someone has rather childishly but extremely hilariously put yellow stickers over the...