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    Referee worse than legend Barry Knight?

    Like many others, it was the most angry I've been at a game. Couldn't believe it. At some point during the game, Gregan booted the ball into the stand above us (after another horrendous decision) and bits of the scoreboard or summat came down. For the record it was alexander and Murdock who got...
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    Only knew of Stu, through the forum matches. Seemed like a lovely fellow. Such a shame. RIP. X
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    Paul Huntington's Socks

    Over the last few weeks, whilst the football has been less than inspiring, some may say turgid, certain things have come to my attention. None more-so than our lanky centre-half, and his constant 'hitching-up' of his socks. Once it caught my eye (it was a home game a couple of months ago), that...
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    Whats going on?

    Ive not known anything like it. How many times over the last year or two have we heard that an injury is a lot worse than first seemed, the player is going to be out longer than initially expected, he has had another setback.... its becomming a little too frequent for my liking... i write this...