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    Top Of The League

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    January 2023 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Work permits are a problem I think
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    Chris Kirchner - Rumour - Possible Takeover

    1974/5 I think
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    This corona virus thing...

    I suppose it comes before fart pants
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    This corona virus thing...

    In fact we shouldn't need a law, there is no law to make wash hands after using the wc, except we all do, except in the gents in the town end. It's just common sense personal hygiene in both cases On second thoughts perhaps we do need a law.
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    Its amazing that...

    The gift that keeps giving.
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    Transfer Window Overview - Summer 2020
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    Euxton Training Ground

    Amazing how much the Bolton supporters trust put into Euxton Worth a read if you are sufficiently geeky
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    Bid accepted for Callum Robinson (Confirmed)

    Why do you think there's a sell on? Seddon says he was at the end of his Villa contract and we paid training compensation.
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    Ayala won the appeal according to BBC, amazing
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    Tonights attendance

    Sitting in sub zero conditions watching a seond tier football match that can be seen on live TV indoors with a drink of something warming must be a sign of insanity. I'll be there