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    Liz Truss ........ unbelievable

    Typical of the brass neced, thick skinned political class and establishment that run / own our third rate Nation. She should be stoned.
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    HS2 and other govt financial cock ups

    They have all had their noses in the trough that is HS 2, now they realuse its getting embarrassing its time to ditch it, Levelling up, my arse
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    RIP Francis Lee

    We seem to share a similar opininon of Hunter, he was snide, sneaky, nasty not hard, The majority of his assaults were whist he was stood behind his opponents or they wrre not stood up. Do I sense you are another one who was not a fan of Don Readies Dirty Leeds. An ally ?
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    RIP Francis Lee

    I remember that, think he got a hat trick at Deepdale that day. A great rival in his Bolton days but was always one of my non North End favourite players. A real Lancashire character,Codolences to his family. RIP Franny lad.
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    Matchday Thread PNE v WBA - 30/09/23 - KO:3PM - Championship

    Mm I agree totally. The referee had words with the captain and goalkeeper in the first half about time wasting but that did not deter Peters blatantly taking an age over every throw in. He was almost at the point of smirking about it when he was subbed. The referees have go be consistent about...
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    CONFIRMED Milutin Osmajić Signs - 4 Year Deal

    You buy a player based on his strengths and play to strengths . Milutin,previously, seems to have played in a two, not so far at North End. Keano played as an advanced 10 (injuries to strikers have meant) he has not played that at North End. With both now fit will Lowe have the bottle to play...
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    Matchday Thread PNE v WBA - 30/09/23 - KO:3PM - Championship

    Just back in from match. Where do I begin. Credit to Baggies, , a very experienced championship midfield ran the game, assisted by our failure to master simple basics like defending, ball control and passing to a bloke in the same colour shirt. An awful performance, a flat back 5 offers no...
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    Player Chants

    That is Robin Hood on telly not Robin Hood old transvestite
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    Player Chants

    Another old tune. To old tv Robin Hood series theme Bradley Potts Bradley Potts Flying down the wing Bradley Potts Bradley Potts Hear the North End sing (or Gentry sing) Scores against the shite Always be a White Bradley Potts, Bradley Potts Bradley Potts Enjoy the rest of your day folks
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    Prediction League Leicester v PNE - 04/10/23 - Championship

    Leicester Mingebags 3 North End 0 Vardy 28545
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    Matchday Thread Rotherham Utd v PNE - 23/09/23 - KO:3PM - Championship

    A question, Did something kick off near the North End fans coaches at the end today. There seemed to be a large number of stewards? In blue tops milling about.
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    Matchday Thread Rotherham Utd v PNE - 23/09/23 - KO:3PM - Championship

    Just back in from the match.,Felt like 2 points dropped today. Hugills great goal apart Rovrum looked feeble, totally devo8d of any positive intentions, a long slog looks on the cards for them. North End? Our threat was disproportionate to the possession we had, Ref poor, how the Rorum keeper...
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    Prediction League PNE v West Brom - 30/09/23 - Championship

    North End 1 Baggiesc1 Browne 18943
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    CONFIRMED Liam Millar signs on loan.

    With due respect, my question point was not how you or I view the Milllar situation but how Basel see it. I was not having a go at you but you seemed quick to fire off your opinion before reading and appreciating my point of view. They would view it as professional athletes not asking you to...
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    CONFIRMED Liam Millar signs on loan.

    You speak as a highly trained professional athlete?
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    CONFIRMED Liam Millar signs on loan.

    I hope the decision to leave Millar on the field when clearly he was notc100 %, cramp or whatever, is not seen by his parent club as a misuse of their player by us.
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    Are we lucky?

    The Great Gary Player once responded to a journalist who said he was a lucky golfer with " Odd isn't it, the more I practise the luckier I get", Our hard work deserves the occasional "rub of the green"
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    CONFIRMED Duane Holmes signs - 2 year contract!

    Duane has been a revelation.Obviously the change of scenery has done him good. What i like is he seldom plays the ball square or backwards. His first instinct is to go forward. His work with Horse down the right has been a highlight so far.