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  1. Many Clouds

    New poll needed, RL sacked or not?

    Our recent form is worrying but I think we'll eventually finish mid table. We do need to keep our eye on the clubs below us and near the bottom though. QPR is a must win game for me if we have ambitions of being in and around the top 6 come the end of the season.
  2. Many Clouds

    New poll needed, RL sacked or not?

    Changed my vote. We're heading in one direction only and that way is down the table. Don't know how we've been in this false position in the top 6 so long. To his credit we had a decent start but even then I was coming away from games questioning how the hell we won the game. Things need to...
  3. Many Clouds

    Matchday Thread Middlesbrough v PNE - 28/11/28 - KO:7:45PM - Championship

    Shots on target this season: Bristol drew 1-1 - 3 shots Sunderland won 2-1 - 2 shots Sheff Weds won 1-0 - 2 shots Stoke won 2-0 - 3 shots Plymouth won 2-1 - 5 shots Brum won 2-1 - 3 shots Rotherham drew 1-1 - 6 shots WBA lost 4-0 - 1 shot Leicester lost 3-0 - 1 shot Ipswich lost 4-2 - 2 shots...
  4. Many Clouds

    To all Ched Evans Haters

    Does anything make him quite as aroused as a yellow card?
  5. Many Clouds

    CONFIRMED Robbie Brady signs New 2 Year Contract.

    Absolutely shocking stats for Robbie there really.
  6. Many Clouds

    Matchday Thread PNE V Cardiff City - 25/11/23 - KO:3PM - Championship

    Not on today unfortunately. The last 2 home games I've missed were the WBA 4-0 and Norwich 4-0 last season, so apologies in advance folks when we get tonked 4-0 🤣
  7. Many Clouds

    CONFIRMED Ched Evans - Serious Medical Condition

    My favourite player. 34 years old, coming up from league one, coming back from a serious career threatening injury... And he's still a beast. Absolute cult hero imo.
  8. Many Clouds

    New poll needed, RL sacked or not?

    We've had a rocky patch but hopefully we've turned it around now. I know we haven't played amazing this season and scraped by to get wins.. but there's just something about the squad we have that gives me hope. Resilience with a bit of quality chucked in. Lowe has done well to get us to 4th so...
  9. Many Clouds

    Matchday Thread The Plastics v Preston North End - 10/11/23 - KO:8PM - Championship

    Has anyone checked out the BBC sport article reporting our 2-1 win? We are still the top story (no doubt we'll drop down imminently) on their football page and it's refreshing to read lots of of positive comments in the replies - most fans hoping we get promoted to the Prem! FWIW...
  10. Many Clouds

    CONFIRMED Leeds (H) - Sunderland (A) - 12:30pm Kick offs (Sky Sports)

    I actually prefer the 12:30pm kick offs in general. Feels like football doesn't ruin your whole weekend then if we lose..
  11. Many Clouds

    Matchday Thread PNE v Coventry City - 04/11/23 - KO:3PM - Championship

    You should be nervous ... One goal cushion now 🫣
  12. Many Clouds

    Matchday Thread PNE v Coventry City - 04/11/23 - KO:3PM - Championship

    We need to sign Millar on a Perm ASAP.
  13. Many Clouds

    New poll needed, RL sacked or not?

    I don't really get the point off 'the club backed Lowe this summer with signings so he should go'.. shouldn't the club be spending money on new players, no matter who the manager is? The majority of the signings from this summer (Holmes, Osmajic, Frokjaer, Keane, Millar) have been decent, so...
  14. Many Clouds

    Matchday Thread PNE v Millwall - 21/10/23 - KO:12:30PM - Championship

    Brady? Crap. I'd sooner have Ian Brady
  15. Many Clouds

    Extinction Rebellion

    Wonder what kind of protesting she was doing in order to get arrested. What a wonderful authoritarian government we have, curtailing people's freedom's to protest 🥰
  16. Many Clouds

    CONFIRMED Castore - Kits & Club Shop

    I went to the club shop prior to Leicester away the other week and there was literally nothing in the shop apart from a range of Kits - shirts, shorts, socks. That was it. Nothing else. Looked empty and no soon as I walked in I left upon realisation it was empty!