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  1. Mickypne

    Right or Wrong? So Eric Dier has gone into the crowd last night to confront a fan. Is this unacceptable or are fans just damn right idiots? I know some will say "well we pay £70 a ticket, we are entitled to mock" but for me, fan abuse is getting out of hand. Gobby...
  2. Mickypne

    S**t fan!!!

    If your reading this and you're that fan that decided to have a pop at Rudd. Kindly put your ST in the Bin and fuck off out of here.
  3. Mickypne

    I think they should stick to Baseball
  4. Mickypne

    Happy Brexit day tribute.

    I would like to play a song for @raefil @PNEESSEX @Winkytinky @jakehake and all the other Remainers who struggled to accept Democracy. This song is for you guys. Enjoy!!!
  5. Mickypne

    Neil to Wednesday

    My Brother in law is a Blade and the word over there last night was the Owls and trying to get their Mitts on Neil. Here we go again. I think it would take a daft silly offer for him to leave.
  6. Mickypne

    Neil to Celtic???

    What are the chances now Rodgers is off to Leicester? I think Neil is more than capable of that job, should we brace ourselves perhaps or is it too big for him?
  7. Mickypne

    Declan rudd

    The abuse he's getting on social media is really harsh. Even piers Morgan is berating him. He made 1 mistake but he wasn't responsible for the other 2 gaols. He wasn't responsible for the 8 injuries we carry. He wasn't responsible for the owner not backing the manager. He's made 1 mistake. He's...
  8. Mickypne


    Can anyone see this happening? Lots of unrest, fans unhappy, Manager making bizarre team selections,owner the less said the better. The Manager is the one who will take the hit and we don't look the same side at all and it's hard to see our next 1 point never mind 3. Could AN days be getting...
  9. Mickypne

    Winter Break

    So the Prem are discussing a Winter Break and eventually it will filter down to the Champ and of course PNE. Would this benefit us as a club? We do have international players and we also play more games than the Prem. Would the club welcome it? Players? but ,more importantly the fans? As a fan...
  10. Mickypne

    Wycombe- who plays?

    Saturday PNE enter the wonderful FA Cup, away to Wycombe. Who plays? For me, our best team starts. The FA Cup is so lucrative to a club like us, it could help fund Transfers in the Summer. Strongest team possible should start. The only change perhaps would be Rudd for Maxwell. What about...
  11. Mickypne


    Sedds just Tweeted he's read PNE are bracing themselves for bids. A player we really don't want to lose. It's the topic on Twitter.
  12. Mickypne

    Sulley kaikai

    Not sure how true it is and some of you might have seen it on Twitter but rumours linking him with us. Only a Twitter page mind you. Good player this lad and would be a welcome addition if true. Young as well. It's that time of year, rumour time.
  13. Mickypne

    Players departing??? Having read Graysons comments this morning, it's clear he is positive and really wants to get some better players here. He goes on to say that some will leave as that's Football. Question is, who? I think...
  14. Mickypne

    PNE fans well behaved No suprise Burnley are up there. Nearly 2,000 football-related arrests were made in the 2015-16 season, the first increase for three years. A quarter were in connection with Championship matches according to the Home Office. In the Premier League...
  15. Mickypne

    Adam Reach

    Very much still a possibility. Would be the best piece of business PNE make this Summer imo.
  16. Mickypne

    Jamie Jones has left the building (Confirmed)

    @pnefc :youl::youl:
  17. Mickypne

    Is this bad news? Basically it seems Liverpool will open an Academy in Preston. I see this as them trying to poach young talent who maybe(or will be) from Preston.
  18. Mickypne

    Youngsters handed contracts
  19. Mickypne

    Is this our Barry Richardson? Wycombe have named 46-year-old goalkeeping coach Barry Richardson on the bench for their FA Cup third round tie against Aston Villa. Matt Ingram's red card against Morecambe on Saturday means he his suspended for the match, allowing a start for...
  20. Mickypne

    Under 21's at Deepdale