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  1. J

    TV Series/Netflix/Box Sets

    There’s some pretty good stuff on BBC Scotland - Channel 457 on Sky. I’m particularly looking forward to ‘Scotland: Contains Strong Language’ this evening at 10pm which claims to chart the colourful history of Caledonian cursing. How is that not going to be funny?
  2. J

    Best pint in Accrington

    Just as well I’m not going now....
  3. J

    Shankly: Nature’s Fire

    Well worth a watch on BBC iplayer. Lawro does the PNE bit. Shanks says that he wasn’t keen on joining us from Carlisle because he was only getting 10 shillings more and he was further from home. His brother Alec told him that it wasn’t what he was getting, it was about the opportunity of...
  4. J

    Keir Starmer elected Labour leader

    Cutting their nose off to spite their face if they don’t.....
  5. J

    TV Series/Netflix/Box Sets

    Have watched all ten episodes of the first season now. It’s very good indeed. I know subtitles are a step too far for some of you but, if you don’t believe me, Ricky Gervais thinks it’s “one of the best police dramas of all time”. I was hoping to find a celebrity fan with a bit more gravitas...
  6. J

    Is anyone else not missing the footy?

    It’s an interesting aspect of the whole situation. Once you’ve broken the habit, do you go back? That could equally to the footy, your favourite restaurant or some of the fake friends you acquire just cos you happen to be starting a family at the same time. I don’t for one moment regret...
  7. J

    Probably Been Done Before But Time For A Refresher Your Top 10 Fave Bands?

    We’ll never know Nobby but it’s not like the various members have displayed much creative spark since.
  8. J

    First single and first album you ever bought.

    I can remember that the first album I was given was Prince Charming. I think the first singles I bought were Shout by Tears for Fears and Since Yesterday by Strawberry Switchblade on the same day in early 1985.
  9. J

    Probably Been Done Before But Time For A Refresher Your Top 10 Fave Bands?

    In no particular order: The Smiths A-ha Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds The Cardigans Adam and the Ants The Dubliners The Frank and Walters R.E.M. The Dandy Warhols Blur
  10. J

    What Are You Listening To?

    I think Once I Saw the River Clean is still my favourite, especially the bit where his grandma buys some fags and he buys the T-Rex single.
  11. J

    20 questions with.......

    Doesn’t look like TC goes to gigs very often.
  12. J

    Plastic Pitch

    I think that was also the debut of Adrian Hughes, Billinge’s finest.
  13. J

    TV Series/Netflix/Box Sets

    On the BBC website there’s a link to the “entire Louis Theroux archive”. Seems to me that there is an episode missing.
  14. J

    TV Series/Netflix/Box Sets

    I’ve just noticed that the female cop in Carter is none other than the great (and not dead) Sidney Poitier’s daughter. For someone born in 1973, she’s also aged very well too. Not unlike me, in fact.
  15. J

    Medal winner quotes

    Even his quotes are shit.
  16. J

    Your First Idol?

    You win on being gutted. Steve Palmer’s winner though.
  17. J

    PNE Favourites

    Yes fair enough. His goals in just one particular match puts him right up there! Still got my Tony Ellis t-shirt somewhere though. Can’t fit in it like. I’ve even got fond memories of Tony Ellis Mk 1. The fat get with the long hair. And that overhead kick......
  18. J

    Gregan or Pearson?

    Apart from Andy Hessenthaler, as I alluded to earlier. But Pearson isn’t as good as him either.
  19. J

    PNE Favourites

    Favourite club: North End Fav Current Player: David Nugent Fav Manager: John McGrath Fav Keeper: Stuckers Legend: Greegs Fav Defender: Grezza Fav Midfielder: Brian Mooney Fav Striker: Tony Ellis Worst team. Don’t have one. Get over yourselves.
  20. J

    What Are You Listening To?

    I’ve always liked the word. Your post was four minutes after I used the same phrase on the film thread. Must have been coincidence then.......