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    Wigan away

    Surprised there isn't a thread yet (unless I'm blind and have missed it). Tickets went on sale on Monday, £20 a pop. Should be a sell out really, no excuses given it's a 10-15 minute train journey and a great town for drinking.
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    EFL Carabao Cup 1st Round (Bradford away)

    As if it couldn’t get any more tinpot, they’re doing the first round draw in a Morrison’s in London. Blackpool away please
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    Chant for Alex Neil today

    Right, this may be the worst idea I’ve ever had posting this or it may be the best, I can’t quite decide. Don’t go Don’t leave Please stay At PNE You are the only thing we need To go up, to go up Repeat I’ll get me coat.
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    Reading Away

    Just had a look at ticket details and seen the prices! £15 for Adults! We should be selling 1,500 at the very least given our form, league position and price. Probably 2,000 really.
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    Sad news this morning, lifelong North End fan Frank Hughes sadly passed away yesterday after a battle with dementia. He was good friends with my Grandad and sat with him on the Invincibles every week. Some of my earliest memories of North End were made travelling the country with Frank and my...
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    Tom Barkhuizen

    How’s this lad stayed on for 90 minutes today? Fucking awful, League Two standard. Barker must be wondering why he came here.
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    Team vs Reading

    Can't see a thread on it so here we go. Personally, I don't think our lack of CDM options will be a huge problem against these. They're likely to sit in and try and frustrate us so I think we could cope playing 4-1-4-1 and trying to break them down. I'd go: Maxwell Fisher Hunts Davies Hughes...
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    New chant for Hugill

    Dave Seddon has tweeted... "Simon Grayson went all Human League talking about Jordan Hugill ' a few years ago he was working as a waiter in a cocktail bar.....'" Somebody cleverer than me can surely think of a few more lines to add to this.
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    It seems to me that Johnson's recent upturn in form has co-incided with Pearson's inclusion and Gallagher being injured. I think (obviously purely speculatory) that Johnson feels he can get forward a lot more with Pearson behind him than he did when Gallagher was playing that role. Hopefully...