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  1. PieAndSoup

    North End Podcast

    Alright guys and gals, Been thinking for a while about whether a North End podcast would be interesting to people, I know a lot of other clubs do them, I help to make a general football one and listen to a few others, but would it work for North End? I think if the tone and the subject matter...
  2. PieAndSoup

    Ridsdale banned from holding a directorship for 7 years

    Anyone got any idea how this might affect North End and Ridsdale's position here?
  3. PieAndSoup

    League One Preview - The Guardian

    Hi everyone, I've written a preview of North End for The Guardian, let me know what you think:
  4. PieAndSoup

    Josh Thompson

    For anyone who reads FourFourTwo, this young lad is featured in this month's issue in their 'The Boy's A Bit Special' column. He's just broken into Celtic's first team, plays in central defence, 19 years old. In the interview, what does he state is his lowest point of his career so far? "Being...
  5. PieAndSoup

    New England Away kit

    Unveiled in Paris by Kasabian! Nice
  6. PieAndSoup

    First Look At The New England Away Shirt

    Any thoughts?
  7. PieAndSoup

    The Price Of A Promotion Push

    Interesting article on Burnley's financies in The Guardian here: Including this particular tidbit:
  8. PieAndSoup

    One more season ticket holder

    After three years living in the wilds of Scotland and three years as a scummy student in Leeds, I am finally returning to the North West and I've got my North End season ticket! Got a new job and moving to Manchester the week before the season starts. I know htis won't really be of interest to...
  9. PieAndSoup

    Hibs Players?

    I've heard a couple of rumours that lower Championship and League One clubs are looking at some of Hibernians better players, in particular right back Stephen Whittacker and the midfielder who is Moroccan I think, known as Benji, don't know how to spell his surname properly! Think it's Bengeulin...
  10. PieAndSoup

    Coventry Scout's Opinion of Us

    I was sat next to Iain Dowie's brother at the game on Monday, who was acting as a scout for Coventry. He was a nice bloke who kept us updated on all the other scores and gave his opinion on a number of things. He also looked really like his brother, so I felt sorry for him. Anyway, he had some...
  11. PieAndSoup

    Nuge's Crappy Dancing

    If that is what we have to put up with, don't know if I want him to keep scoring! At least we know what him and St Ledge were doing in Tokyo's rather than hitting the beer...
  12. PieAndSoup

    Permanent deal for Nash?

    Is this move likely to result in Nash being signed by Wigan on a permanent basis? From the BBC website: Filan set for summer Wigan exit Veteran Wigan goalkeeper John Filan will return home to Australia at the end of the season. The 37-year-old former Cambridge United, Coventry and Blackburn...
  13. PieAndSoup

    Zidane Assault Charges

    I realise this was a long time off, but does anyone know why Zidane wasn't charged with assault for his World Cup headbutt? There's plenty of footage of the incident, he admitted it, and there was no footballing reason why he did it. Just got me thinking after reading the story about the Barrow...
  14. PieAndSoup

    Watching the game in Glasgow

    Hi, Just on the slim chance that there's any fellow North End fans around Bonnie Scotland this evening, I shall be watching the game in the Oscar Slaters pub on St. George's Road here in Glasgow. Be nice if it wasn't just me and my girlfriend pretending to be interested! Could be the start of a...