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    Matchday Thread Leeds v PNE - 21/01/24 - KO:12:00 PM - Championship

    Ched and Watmough still injured and unavailable
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    Current location of North end fans

    CS is a lightweight! Now watches Lancaster City
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    Matchday Thread PNE v SPURS - 28/01/23 - KO:18:00 - FA Cup 4th Round

    That's why we are where we are, and why they are where we are. Did you really expect a different result.? The reason why is a whole different discussion
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    What to spend the £30 I saved on

    Ratioally Season Card holder, feet up, bottle of Cab Sauv, thought my team did what was expected, no complaints on the night. See you next Saturday at Deepdale.
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    CONFIRMED Happy New Year and Thank You.

    Don't post much but appreciate all who contribute, before and after a few bevvies!!!
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    Happy Birthday to Dave Wilson

    63-64 was a wonderful season and to me it was a very special group of players. Last saw him turn out v Brighton in 1973 when I worked down South. Happy Birthday
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    CONFIRMED Season Ticket Prices Released 2022/23 (12k Sold)

    Stewards don't always check the lights and I am told that the child light is the same as for a Senior
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    CONFIRMED Season Ticket Prices Released 2022/23 (12k Sold)

    But grandchildren cards used by adult friends to watch a a match free does lose the club revenue. It does go on.
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    Loanwatch 21/22

    Imagine some will still be calling for Josh Earl to go out on loan to turn him into the finished product able to play any of / all of LCB or LB or LWB !!!
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    Tribute to Hunts final home game?

    Still love to rewatch his Wembley goal. He has got to be on the bench v. M'borough
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    Match Day - Peterborough United v PNE - 12/02/22 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    We don't need "could do a job". Apart from his first few appearances (when he had BD looking after him), he's never looked convincing defensively and he's certainly no wing back. Only one place for him and that's at another club, L1 maybe and if not L2
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    Come on without.....

    Not him! Was that other team mate. Gerry Ingram
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    Come on without.....

    His team mate, courtesy of the Small Faces, was Sha La Lala Frankie Lee
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    Where's Hunts? He has not been seen since the first week of training and I have seen no statement from the club.
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    Club update on ifollow.

    Got my BB refund and ifollow reimbursing me for my monthly pass and have cacelled my monthly subscription. Quick smooth resolution.
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    Club update on ifollow.

    Anyone heard of any refunds for the match pass for the Bamber Bridge game?