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    Current location of North end fans

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    Lee Cartwright, the enigma

    You are right. In Trevor Brooking's autobiography, believe he states that Lee Cartwright was very effective at man marking him. Hope that isn't my memory playing tricks!
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    iFollow Abroad

    I'm in the US and iFollow is great. Good to have ESPN+ too.
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    RIP another Lilywhite

    Peter Harwood -- great guy, always helpful. I remember he blew up a flask in a chemistry experiment - mixed acid with sugar, I think. Didn't hide the mistake, I think he was proud of it!
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    Team to play Bournemouth

    I was at the Fulham game. Correctly guessed the size of the crowd, George Cohen asked me for my thoughts when bestowing the prize. I said, “surprised a home fan didn’t guess correctly”. Somewhat embarrassed afterwards— Cohen was a 1966 World Cup winner.
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    Iconic moments (mostly goals)

    Bobby Charlton against Sunderland at Deepdale was an immense strike in the old league cup, I believe it was in the year after Sunderland had beaten Leeds at Wembley in the FA Cup too. Twisted and turned Dave Watson inside out then released a 25-30 yard rocket. Montgomery in goal didn’t have a...
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    Derby County 1981?

    I was there too, squeezed into the Derby home end and struggled to stay quiet when PNE scored -- Alex Bruce twice, remember Gordon Coleman cut back to set up the second? Derby's first home loss of the season and Roy McFarland's last game before retirement? Trevor Brooking apparently "scored"...
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    In house club media v other media outlets.

    Do any of you remember the LEP "football pink" published after the Saturday game and house delivered in hard copy around 6 pm? Almost incomprehensible verbiage due to the production rush but a major logistic feat that added to the excitement of supporting PNE. The LEP, PNE lead journalist in my...
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    Your Top 10 PNE Centre backs

    My father talked about Docherty - Marston - Forbes as the best defensive half back line he'd ever seen. A different formation, however the Australian Marston was in his opinion the best centre half to play for PNE ever and hard as nails. In my time it was clear that Youl Mawene's cultured class...
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    Alan Spavin

    Did I read somewhere that Alan’s first wife was some relation to Bill Shankly?
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    Alan Spavin

    These were my thoughts at the time when Alan Spavin passed away: Alan Spavin really was PNE through and through - my all-time favourite player. Regardless of how well he was playing, he always showed for the ball with a unique head-up style when skillfully trapping the ball as he looked for the...
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    Now TV

    ESPN+ is live streaming PNE in the US today, maybe the other 4 December matches too. One month free subscription should do the trick!
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    Sean Haslegrave

    Sean arrived from Stoke for 20,000 GBP if memory serves well. He was a cultured left sided player who completed a strong midfield in our promotion winning team that same year. Later in his career, Sean came back into a side that ultimately narrowly failed to avoid relegation. Legs were slower...