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  1. J

    Leicester Parking

    I think the whole of Leicester round the M1 was a disaster area. I was coming from Hereford and got diverted down the A5 and various country lanes, the journey taking an extra hour. I was parked in the Morrisons near the ground so waited about 45m for the traffic to clear. Even then I had an...
  2. J

    Match of The Day

    I wonder what the BBC are going to do about the other presenters / summarisers who refused to take part on TV and radio out of solidarity. Technically haven't they gone on strike? I think I know the answer (i.e. they won't do anything), but it raises an interesting question if another section of...
  3. J

    Matchday Thread Watford v PNE - 4/3/23 KO:15:00 - Championship

    just about to leave to drop my wife and her friend off at Birmingham Airport en route to a two week dive trip in Indonesia. Then I'm off to Watford. Hmm.
  4. J

    Matchday Thread Coventry City v Preston North End - Championship 31/08/22 - KO:19:45

    Shame that Coventry are back at their home ground. Some years back they also had to play away, and I remember my one and only visit to Northampton was a 4-4 draw v PNE, IIRC there were three goals in stoppage time. 4-3 would do nicely tonight.
  5. J

    Matchday Thread Coventry City v Preston North End - Championship 31/08/22 - KO:19:45

    latest update says it's 15 minutes delay but they're expecting the road to be clear by 1400 (source: trafficdelays web site)
  6. J

    Team v Luton and weather impact

    According to the MetOffice it’ll only be a chilly 31. Mind you the BBC says 35. Never I thought I’d be wearing sunscreen at Kenilworth Road (especially after last seasons all day downpour)
  7. J

    Fan Behaviour (New for this Season.)

    Living 150 miles away from Preston, I tend to get to ten or a dozen away games each season since I retired. Usual rule is "2 hours drive or London", with a bit of extra leeway for a midweek game. Like everyone else I've come across good, bad or indifferent PNE fans at the away games, the big...
  8. J

    Match Day - Luton Town v PNE 16/03/22 - KO:19:45 - Championship

    Drive safely everyone. Currently at Watford Gap and the M1 is one mass of spray, not nice at all
  9. J

    Defunct grounds

    Elm Park (won 3-2 from 2-0 down IIRC) and the Goldstone (5-1 defeat not great). And Shawfield (Clyde) in a 1977 pre-season friendly with the greyhound track round the pitch.
  10. J

    Millwall vs PNE Postponed (Confirmed)

    not wishing Covid on anyone, but glad about this. Didn't particularly fancy being in London on the Saturday before Xmas, not to mention a Tube strike. Here's hoping for a nice sunny spring evening if we're still playing football by then.
  11. J

    Reading (a)

    removing duplicate post
  12. J

    Reading (a)

    I see that with the new ticketing system, you can no longer select am away seat from the block currently being sold. I noticed that at Mansfield too, but assumed that for a night League Cup game it might just be "sit where you like". All very well, except that some of us are pensioners with a...
  13. J

    R.I.P. Jack Charlton.

    It must be 30 years ago I got an invite to a sportsman's lunch courtesy of our IT suppliers, where Jack was the guest speaker. The bit I remember is his description of Geoff Hurst's "they think it's all over" goal. As he described it, "Bobby Moore got the ball, and I'm thinking - boot it into...
  14. J

    Luton tickets (Sold Out)

    Yes fair point but West Brom is a midweek game. Based on Fulham there would surely have been a near or total sellout for a Saturday. I think my only point was that it seems to me (without scientific evidence, just being at nine away matches) that PNE away support has been higher this season than...
  15. J

    Luton tickets (Sold Out)

    Sold out online this morning, the ticket office have "a few" left. Would have been easier for me if I hadn't been three-line whipped for a birthday party on Saturday, so I was banned from Fulham which would have taken me up to 100 loyalty points! That's the trouble with doing well, people want...
  16. J

    Where will we finish?

    The Guardian has done an article on who might finish where this season. I can't report on where they think PNE will finish, as they're one of four teams that don't even merit a mention. Under the radar as usual.
  17. J

    Fixture List 2019/20 Millwall away 1st game

    also regarding Brentford, my mate has already asked for numbers for the PNE game reunion, on the basis that since it's the penultimate game at Griffin Park, it's likely to be a sellout. Which is another way of saying that if this game is the Gentry game, PNE would be unlikely to get any increase...
  18. J

    Fixture List 2019/20 Millwall away 1st game

    My understanding from an old work colleague who is a Brentford season ticket holder is that they move to their new stadium at the start of 20/21. I hope so, because we've got a reunion planned (I used to work with him in Acton) and a load of us supporting various clubs are due to meet up for...
  19. J

    Fixture List 2019/20 Millwall away 1st game

    a rather excellent set of fixtures - every one of the away games I've got marked down (two hours drive or London) has managed not to clash with anything else in the rather full calendar.
  20. J

    Your favourite FA Cup Final

    1973. Student at Leeds, watched it after a good lunchtime session in the Royal Park - twelve of us around a little B&W set all wanting Leeds to lose.