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  1. bluekipper

    Matchday Thread Leeds v PNE - 21/01/24 - KO:12:00 PM - Championship

    The number of people on here who think it wasn’t a penalty shows how deluded some of our fans are. The very same people would be screaming for a penalty at the other end.
  2. bluekipper

    An observation about the high performing Championship teams.

    So do I (well some of them)
  3. bluekipper

    An observation about the high performing Championship teams.

    Problem is, Lowe is a scouse, bullshitting gobshite who blames everyone except himself. And people buy into this.
  4. bluekipper

    DJ Last match?

    People should recognise the fact that DJ is excellent at passing the ball sideways. ☺️
  5. bluekipper

    Matchday Thread PNE v The Plastics - 22/04/23 - KO:17:30 - Championship

    His case has not been dealt with yet by the FA.
  6. bluekipper

    Daniel Johnson

    The reality is that DJ is nowhere as good as a lot of our fans think he is. Take Pearson for example, viewed on here as the second coming and now he can’t even make the bench at Bournemouth. If DJ was that good he’d have been snapped up by now, but premier clubs have an abundance of half paced...
  7. bluekipper

    CONFIRMED Ched banned for 4 games

    Nothing to do with the EFL, it’s the FA who banned him.
  8. bluekipper

    Browne and Johnson

    Not surprised DJ has a groin strain with all the running about he does :giggle: More surprised he hasn't a sore throat for all his whining at referees.
  9. bluekipper


    Yeah, but he's a scouser. Sky Sports is full of them.
  10. bluekipper

    How Low(e) Can We Go?

    I’d be surprised if a Championship club offered a contract to DJ, who can’t get a regular berth in a struggling North End side.
  11. bluekipper

    Finney pitch at UCLan

    Nevertheless, UCLAN will be happy to take credit for this whilst at the same time banning local grassroots teams. Rank hypocrisy as far as I am concerned.
  12. bluekipper

    New look for PNE-Online

    Update looks great, congratulations to all involved.:giggle:
  13. bluekipper

    Match Day - PNE v Donkey Lashers - 05/04/22 - KO:19:45 - Championship

    You've obviously done a lot of refereeing.
  14. bluekipper

    Official Statement. No Takeover at Present (Confirmed)

    Very funny ⚽️👏
  15. bluekipper

    Match Day - Cardiff City v PNE - 12/03/22 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    No colour clash today, so why are we wearing that hideous green kit??