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  1. tucano

    Wolves propose vote to scrap VAR.

    I assume it’ll be the three promoted clubs that get to vote rather than those relegated?
  2. tucano

    Matchday Thread Southampton v PNE - 6/03/24 - KO:7:45PM - Championship (Postponed)

    Shame we won't be able to wax lyrical over the performance if it's called off.
  3. tucano

    Former PNE Players Thread

    Went to watch York City v Oldham last night in the NL. Garner up front for the Latics; still a dirty c*** and was in the ref's ear for the full 90 mins. Matthew Hudson in goal for them too. The highlight, however, was Lawro being guest of honour as he is now a York resident.
  4. tucano

    Loan Watch 2023/24

    Sounds promising.
  5. tucano

    PNE Academy/Central League Thread 23/24

    I assume we gave the young lad a contract on the spot?
  6. tucano

    Would you rather us lose today?

    Nailed on draw.
  7. tucano

    Leagues 1, 2, National League and below.

    Phil Brown replaces Russ Penn at Kidderminster. 😲
  8. tucano

    Matchday Thread Chelsea v PNE - 6/01/24 - KO:5:30pm - FA Cup 3rd Round.

    Red button on BBC working for me. Haven’t a clue what Poch is saying! He was more comprehensible than Lowe though.
  9. tucano

    Leagues 1, 2, National League and below.

    I think it's that FGR technically could play the loanee, but you're supposed to get express permission from the parent club first and they didn't do that. Also seems to be some suggestion that the player in question was only on the bench and didn't actually make it onto the field, unlike Aiden...
  10. tucano

    Loan Watch 2023/24

    I was at the LNER. Lewis was probably their stand out player until substituted; takes all the set pieces and played some excellent through balls. No issues physically against some NL bruisers.
  11. tucano

    Loan Watch 2023/24

    I'm not schlepping it down to Ipswich (A) on 7 Oct (yes, shit fan alert) but note that York are playing Bromley at the LNER so will probably check out how Lewis is getting on.
  12. tucano

    Loan Watch 2023/24

    Leigh assist here.
  13. tucano

    Premier League

  14. tucano

    Calvin Ramsay out for 6-8 weeks...

    Absolute filth!
  15. tucano

    PNE Players (International watch - 23/24)

    Looks like Osmajic won't be waiting too long to make his debut.
  16. tucano

    CONFIRMED Lewis Leigh joins Bromley on loan until January

    Hayes Lane - Bromley FC.
  17. tucano

    CONFIRMED Lewis Leigh joins Bromley on loan until January

    I watch quite a lot NL football and the difference between that and L2 is minimal. Notts County played by far the best football in the division last season (sorry Wrexham fans) which looks to be setting them up for a successful season back in the football league proper. Bromley have got one of...
  18. tucano

    Loan Watch 2023/24

    Pretty sure Bromley have got one of those 3G pitches, hope his knees hold up. You’re right though @OB1, NL is a good level and not much different in quality to Lg2; it will be an excellent test for the lad.
  19. tucano

    Free Agents

    Really? I'd like to see what Osmajic is all about and whether Riis has recovered from his injury before confining Evans to the scrapheap (providing he himself is fit).