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  1. truenorthender

    Fury v wilder 2

    So, who's gonna win chaps? Anybody watching it ? Is that cut going to play a part? My prediction is a round 3 stoppage due to Fury's eye cut. Hopefully not tho
  2. truenorthender

    #MENOTSOMUCH Horrible little bitch found out for what she is. A Billy bullshitter. The BBC reluctantly posted this article. (y) :love:
  3. truenorthender

    5 games

    Well we are 5 games in and it's looking like the whingebags are 5 game's away from being confirmed as big whingey whingersons(was told by the true footballing minds to wait untill 10 games have passed) You might need to stop being so whingey in the future. 1 team hasn't moved Leeds 5 4 1 0...
  4. truenorthender


    this thread is about footy manager. and pne on footy manager. my only question is .. who plays it ? if you view this thread you must post even if you don't play.
  5. truenorthender

    The January transfer window

    Should the January transfer be scrapped as it destabilises poorer teams and ruins seasons ? What do u lot think about this matter ?
  6. truenorthender


    Do you think we will survive without Jordan hugill or will be be relegated next season ? Some on here wish him good look even after he left us in the mire on purpose.
  7. truenorthender


    Floating crisp packet aka Johnson had a good game today and looked good on the ball. I look forward to seeing him slapping a few goals in this season, I reckon Joe carnage ( oh Joey G ) will score a good amount this season aswell.
  8. truenorthender

    Darikwa and Transfer Rumour (Off- Topic)

    Just seen him giving baily wright a Peggy onto cottam . looks like he's signed up.
  9. truenorthender

    Huntington or Clarke

    Who is the better player ? Do you think these 2 are good enough to be first teamers in the championship ? I don't think Clark is good enough as a starter but I'd keep him as cover . I think Huntington should do well as a starter. Thoughts?
  10. truenorthender

    nuge or savs?

    andy saville Or David Nugent? Who do you think was the better striker? Forget the level they played at- who would you rather have in your team if they was both in they're prime-- Andy pandy puddin n pie for me all day.