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  1. Lane Ends White

    CONFIRMED Retained List

    No real surprises... Maybe Bauer's contract extension means we can get a fee for him this summer? By my reckoning there are now 15/16 First Team Squad players are out of contract in June 2025 so we should be either extending the contracts of key players now or be putting them up for sale so we...
  2. Lane Ends White

    The Plastics Thread.

    Unlikely, but stranger results have happened this season! We can but hope that Foxes, Blues and Pilgrims get three points by whatever means next week 😆🤞⚽️ PS: Foxes will be smarting after a defeat at Deepdale on Monday 😂 🙄
  3. Lane Ends White

    Prediction League QPR v PNE - 20/04/24 - Championship

    QPR 2 v PNE 1 Osmajic 16,879
  4. Lane Ends White

    Prediction League PNE v Rotherham - 29/03/24 - Championship

    PNE 3 v Rotherham 1 Brady 16,287 ⚪️🔵⚪️⚽️🥅
  5. Lane Ends White

    Prediction League PNE v Stoke - 09/03/24 - Championship

    PNE 4 v Stoke City 1 Riis 16,995 ⚽️🙂
  6. Lane Ends White

    January 2024 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Once we get to 54/55 points (5 more wins) we should give minutes to Mawene, Best, Seary and FRG (and Taylor if fit).. plus a couple of others from the Academy squad including Wilson, Horan, Khan and Pasiek.... would be a great way to reward the young players and pitch them against Championship...
  7. Lane Ends White

    Prediction League PNE v Ipswich - 03/02/24 - Championship

    PNE 2 v Ipswich Town 1 ⚽️⚽️ Keane 15,129
  8. Lane Ends White

    Prediction League Millwall v PNE - 27/01/24 - Championship

    Millwall 0 v PNE 2 🟡🔵🟡 ⚽️Potts 13,996
  9. Lane Ends White

    Prediction League Leeds v PNE - 21/01/24 - Championship

    Leeds Utd 1 v PNE 1 Keane 37,196
  10. Lane Ends White

    The Ryan Lowe Thread!

    Need to change now before we get dragged into a fight at the bottom of the table. Can we win 5 out of the remaining 20 games to secure safety.... hard to change momentum.... going to be a close run thing even with a new management team?
  11. Lane Ends White

    Matchday Thread Sunderland v PNE - 1/1/24 - KO:12:30pm - Championship

    Sorry to say but our form over the last 15 - 20 games has generally been shocking [even when we have managed a win v Plastics, Terriers and "Dirty Leeds"] so it's no real surprise that we are in freefall. If we don't change the manager this week then I'll be very surprised if we finish above...
  12. Lane Ends White

    Prediction League Leeds v PNE - 21/01/24 - Championship

    Leeds Utd 4 PNE 1 Rutter 38,498 RyLo..." Time to go".....
  13. Lane Ends White

    Prediction League PNE v Ipswich - 03/02/24 - Championship

    PNE 1 v Tractor Boys 3 Browne 15,128 RyLo..." Time to go"...
  14. Lane Ends White

    Prediction League PNE v Bristol C - 13/01/24 - Championship

    PNE 1 v Bristol City 4 Riis 16,894 .....RyLo "Time to go"
  15. Lane Ends White

    Prediction League Chelsea v PNE - 06/01/24 - FA Cup 3rd Round

    Chelsea 2nd XI 5 PNE 1 Palmer 38, 538 "RyLo..... Time to go"☹️
  16. Lane Ends White

    Prediction League PNE v Sheff Weds - 29/12/23 - Championship

    PNE 3 v Sheffield Wednesday 1 Potts 17,376
  17. Lane Ends White

    Prediction League Swansea v PNE - 22/12/23 - Championship

    Swansea 2 v PNE 2 Browne 16,785
  18. Lane Ends White

    Prediction League PNE v Southampton - 25/10/23 - Championship

    PNE ⚪️⚽️🔵2 v Saints🔴⚽️🔴2 Potts 14,219
  19. Lane Ends White

    Team v Foxes

    This team for me.... Woodman Storey Lindsay Hughes Potts Whiteman Browne Millar Holmes Frokjaer -Jensen Keane Subs: Cornell, Brady, Ledson, Stewart, Cunningham, Osmajic,Whatmough...
  20. Lane Ends White

    Prediction League Leicester v PNE - 04/10/23 - Championship

    Having just noticed that Darren England is the Ref on Wednesday my revised prediction is Foxes 5 v Lilywhites 1 Vardy (Two goals for PNE ruled out for offside McCann and Browne sent off for tackling!!) 28,129