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  1. Mr.T

    Alan Browne - 400

    It’s interesting with Browne now. It looks like he hasn’t received the offers he would’ve liked and therefore had no choice but to accept the one we offered. Think he wanted to move elsewhere but without the offers from other clubs there’s not much else he can do. I’m torn because as much as...
  2. Mr.T

    The Ryan Lowe Thread!

    Good grief. Absolute madness. I can’t see that whatsoever 😂 However I’ll gladly be proven wrong.
  3. Mr.T

    Alan Browne - 400

    I think one of the biggest things to take from this saga is the fact Browne said he wanted to finish his career here. To now be rejecting a contract and moving elsewhere tells you all you need to know about how he feels with the current regime.
  4. Mr.T

    Who's in the drawer, Peter?

    Norwich fans weren’t keen and it’s no surprise he got potted after their playoff failure. Dire football and disliked by the fans, sounds like he would fit in well here.
  5. Mr.T

    CONFIRMED Retained List

    I think the writing is on the wall with Browne and has been for a while. Even more so with Lowe’s comments of needing more leaders. Whether that was a slight dig at Browne who knows but if I was AB I wouldn’t have been too pleased with Lowe’s comments. If the x amount of wages offered to...
  6. Mr.T

    CONFIRMED Retained List

    I think the contract for Ched is more a case of being a coach than a player. I doubt we will see him on the pitch and he will be working towards achieving his coaching badges whilst at the club.
  7. Mr.T

    CONFIRMED Ticketmaster (New ticketing system)

    Managed to log in, activated account apparently. Click on season tickets and it says nothing available. Can’t select which stand or anything. What a useless system
  8. Mr.T

    CONFIRMED Ticketmaster (New ticketing system)

    Anyone else had an issue trying to renew season tickets? I went on to have a look on the new site. Activated account and apparently there are no tickets available?
  9. Mr.T

    CONFIRMED Craig Hemmings Speaketh

    A bad start to the season and Lowe will be gone. If he is backed well again this summer and starts poorly it will be bye bye. I agree a change would be better now to give a new manager a fresh start but that isn’t going to happen.
  10. Mr.T

    Miami or New York or European/British takeover.

    It does seem to have gone quiet regarding foreign interest. Would this be why the club haven’t come out with a statement as quick as they did last time, or is there something potentially happening hence the lack of comment from the club..?
  11. Mr.T

    Alex Neil

    Would be interesting to see if Ryan Lowe did leave, whether Neil would be interested in having another crack (if he was offered the job). Not sure there’s much of that Northern Grit he was on about left in the side but I do still think he’d do a better job then the current incumbent.
  12. Mr.T

    CONFIRMED Ticketmaster (New ticketing system)

    What an absolute piss take that is.
  13. Mr.T

    Alan Browne - 400

    Was it true that Wesley (I think) was that pissed off with Collins that he made him get off the bus on a journey back from an away game and walk home?
  14. Mr.T

    The Ryan Lowe Thread!

    Hopefully taken down because there is so much truth in it Sunderland don’t want someone else to swoop in before they do…. 🤞🏻
  15. Mr.T

    Who would you rather see leave PNE?

    Have I missed something about Browne and Everton? I’ve seen a few things now with his name and Everton along with Celtic. Is there any truth in the Everton link?
  16. Mr.T

    CONFIRMED Leicester at Home (Mon 29th - 8PM - Sky)

    A walloping tonight won’t help his cause. However he will still be here next season I’m quite sure of that.
  17. Mr.T

    The squad - who should go - who should stay and why

    Sadly Lowe will still be here next season. And I’m pretty sure we still won’t have a recognised LWB & RWB for this system he insists on sticking with. Losing Millar & Browne would be big blows as I doubt we will replace them with the same quality without having to pay over than what we are...
  18. Mr.T

    The Ryan Lowe Thread!

  19. Mr.T

    Matchday Thread PNE v Huddersfield Town - 9/4/24 - KO:7.45pm - Championship

    You can guarantee we will play lofted aimless balls into the channels tonight 💨
  20. Mr.T

    Alan Browne - 400

    I’ve lost track of how many times this has been said now but it seems the fans are the only ones who can see it.