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    Referee Whitestone today

    Can we have him every week please!!😁
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    Referee Whitestone today

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    I'm just really bored

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    Super Tommy Clarke Cha - Retires

    Mine too!!
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    Information needed pre-season 1987-88

    Can't N E tell you I would have thought they keep records
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    CONFIRMED Duane Holmes signs - 2 year contract!

    😂 very quick
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    CONFIRMED Peter Murphy joins coaching staff - Gally Leaves.

    If you look on the website you will see a long farwell to gally
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    Its Wolves that sing Hi Ho Silver Lining
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    Away Friendly pubs tomorrow

    That is until after the game!!
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    Would you drop Browne after the Cov game?

    I'm also a fan of Browney but he was worse than awful against Coventry, i agree that it sends the wrong message to fringe players if they don't get a chance when someone has a stinker...should deffo be dropped in my opiion
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    Supporter Apathy at 100%

    Great thread.. totally agree
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    Big Pat Bauer

    It was a good piece of business bringing Patrick in
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    North End coaches windows smashed.

    I can recall an incident in the 70's ( not sure what year)it was at the Baseball ground when all hell broke after the final whistle...our coach was badly smashed and several guys were badly injured
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    Pre Match Pint at Ewood

    For those interested the Golden Cup Pub just by the motorway bridge in Darwen is opening at 10 am on Saturday for PNE fans
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    Sam Surridge

    Sam Surridge My cousin is an Oldham supporter and i went to watch them with him the other week...think it was last international break...This youngster Surridge had a cracking game scored and looks very very usefuls...loads of potential.i for one wouldn't be disappointed if we get him on loan...
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    Concourse Card Payments/Concourse upgrade/IPS Beer token trail!-Post15

    Great news...i phoned Heathcotes to offer them card terminals and was told a contract has been signed and they are on their way...not good for me of course but at least the service should be quicker. Roll on Saturday.....COYW
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    Concourse catering

    I'm in the card industry so after reading this i emailed Heathcotes and offered my services..not even had the courtesy of a no thank you!!
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    Gentry Day is Bolton Away - 3800 sold as of 02/03 (Confirmed)

    I'm a PNE fan who lives in Bolton,we had a fair amount of snow today but it has already started to thaw,my guess would be that it will ok for Saturday!!
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    The Next Two Matches

    Agreed we have a superb manager in AN,i was a bit sceptical at first but soon realized he'sour man to take us forward..COYW