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  1. PetePNE


    Maybe not I no what you mean but the only way he plays well is by getting minutes in his preferred position. I think moving Browne out to RWB and playing either McCann or Ledson in midfield makes us a bit harder to play through. Either way what do I no happy with a point and on to the next one 😃
  2. PetePNE


    Not an "Ali McCann lover" as hes not had a run of games in his best position imo. Also I don't think picking out 1 performance in a pre season friendly against a solid premiership team whilst playing out of position is fair.. but was just thinking if we are going to play three in the middle of...
  3. PetePNE


    McCann has to start for me. Whiteman, DJ and Browne are too easy to play through.