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  1. higgopne

    Tranmere Trip

    How many tickets have been sold?
  2. higgopne

    Ayes to the right nose to the left

    This could simply be a pic though of him looking arounf a few days ago, I take no responsibility of the pic, as I posted it was a tweeter, think he is a sports journalist.
  3. higgopne

    Ayes to the right nose to the left

    This has just been posted about 30 mins ago by the following Tweeter:!/SteveGrant1983
  4. higgopne


    I honestly think this could be a lock out for away fans, I'd advise to get there early
  5. higgopne

    Tuesday night attendance

  6. higgopne

    Tottenham at Deepdale (Carling Cup Draw)

    Spurs will sell out the usual 3,500 away teams are given. They sold 3,700 at Donny. My best mate supports them and had to get a ticket in the Donny End on Wednesday.
  7. higgopne

    Paddy Kenny

    Sue them for loss of gate receipts and merchandise for the Play Off Final.
  8. higgopne

    PSG/PNE-ONLINE - Footballers Not Furbies FC v Buffs Bar Blues - THE TEAMS!

    Shiiiittt, best leave the country! In all seriousness, I am sorry and never intened to leave you with a cut!
  9. higgopne


    I put my name on the thread but not been confirmed :(
  10. higgopne

    One of the highlights of the season tomorrow.....

    Hull are going down as we speak!
  11. higgopne

    Alan Kelly Snr has died

    RIP Alan. Condolences to the family.
  12. higgopne

    PSG/PNE-ONLINE Charity Football Match (in aid of St Catherine's Hospice)

    I will be there defending my Player of the Match trophy from last year!:D
  13. higgopne

    Arsenal vs Man United

    2-0 Ronaldo, all over now!
  14. higgopne

    Game on TV in the USA?

    I will be in NYC for my brothers wedding, they will be 5 of us plus my brother who's there watching it, think he said its on in a British bar , he posts on here so will ask him when he's online for conformation.
  15. higgopne

    When is the Championship Play Off Final?

    Please please please stop talking about final dates etc! If you really wanted to know, you suely could have kept it on the hush and go on the FL website. As Atky says, we arent even their and our next game is the Semi Final 1st Leg, dont look any further than that because it could become our...
  16. higgopne

    I'm very confident we'll be in the final

    High Five Jimmy, I am just gutted I will be on the other side of the world for the 2 legs!
  17. higgopne

    I'm very confident we'll be in the final

    I wish people would stop talking about Wembley, the Final etc. We have 2x90 minutes against a very strong side. I dont mean to put a downer on things but I remember similar threads to this in 2006 and we all know what happened. Maybe its me being nervous but we need to look at the next game and...
  18. higgopne

    Confused about all the ticket malarky?!

    Have you read the forum over the past day or so?!:youl:
  19. higgopne

    Burnley & play-offs

    Blimey were both not even there yet. For us it will be very tricky overcoming Sheffield United but I can see you doing Reading over 2 legs.
  20. higgopne

    The Return of Proud Preston!

    I dont think Brum even brought that for our Sky game December. (-£10 from the ticket paid yesterday)