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    5 Year old, Jesse's walk for his best friend - Young Lives vs Cancer.

    Donation done, I wish all the very best
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    5 Year old, Jesse's walk for his best friend - Young Lives vs Cancer.

    Truly does put things into perspective, and I will also be making a donation.
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    Lowe on Contracts.

    Well said Gordon and so true!!
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    POLL: When will Lowe go?

    Headphones & Motörhead Bobbage, you will hear nothing he says!!!!
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    Ryan Lowe Appreciation Thread

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    Matchday Thread Southport v PNE - 16/07/24 - KO:7.30pm - Friendly

    I used to get very angry garden even in his first interview as our manager, the silence has enabled me to see improved blood pressure levels and a little less alcohol consumption, only a little mind!!
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    Matchday Thread Southport v PNE - 16/07/24 - KO:7.30pm - Friendly

    Still refuse to listen the silence is still, to enjoyable
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    CONFIRMED Castore & Kits 2024/25

    Now you point it out I do agree. For the record i haven’t bought a top for years now, my boddingtons body doesn’t really suit them, so I’m not that bothered re the designs. I would have liked navy instead but that’s just me. I will say this though I’ve never really liked the ribbons at the top...
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    Current location of North end fans

    👍🏻 the times we were there we stayed in cal’n forcat, (took the kids when they were young), but I have travelled all over the island. Been to Cala n Bosch but not familiar with the hotel.!! Enjoy your hols…
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    Current location of North end fans

    Wow I’ve visited 3 times in the past but not for over 20yrs. Planning on returning next year? Enjoy!!
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    Current location of North end fans

    Enjoy menorca it’s a beautiful island
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    Summer 2024 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    We need a new manager…..
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    CONFIRMED Alan Browne - Leaves PNE

    Well he certainly will from me Ando…..
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    Matchday Thread Lincoln City v PNE - 12/07/24 - KO:10AM (BST) - Pinatar Arena - Pre Season Friendly

    I’m still enjoying the silence, I refuse to listen to his inane drivel anymore!!
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    CONFIRMED Sam Greenwood signs (Loan with option).

    I remember the one armed cockle seller well, he used to frequent the John o gaunt and labour club at Ingol. The chicken in basket snack wasn’t that served up at the Gatsby?
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    CONFIRMED Alan Browne - Leaves PNE

    Alan Browne leaves with my sincere best wishes for his future, both in football and his personal life. He has served our club very well indeed and in my opinion has been badly treated by our management team, the manager in particular. It infuriates me that he is still here. Good luck AB...
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    CONFIRMED PNE Sign Stefán Teitur Thórdarson

    Welcome to deepdale young man, I wish you every success
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    PNE v Man Utd

    Excellent stuff boys, congrats to all involved
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    CONFIRMED Ticketmaster (New ticketing system)

    From what the guys said Ando, yes new cards
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    CONFIRMED Ticketmaster (New ticketing system)

    I’ve been to ticket office this morning for Everton tickets, (unavailable for Fiorentina game sadly). No problems in there, they are very helpful. Season cards due to be sent out mid July apparently?