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    Passing football

    Dreyfuss- what i mean is hopefully grayson will sign a clinical finisher or someone with that edge, but more likelly he will sign crouch too hoof the ball up too
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    Passing football

    HOPEFULLY these transfers Grayson is talking about can help with that... Or we will sign peter crouch
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    Passing football

    If we stop hoofing it i believe the football will be more entertaining and create more chances. I hope we do see more passing football now
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    Passing football

    Now Garner is gone/going, do people think we will pass the ball on the floor instead of hoofing up field for knock downs?
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    Ben Pringle

    Pictured at Deepdale on twitter. Hopefully announced today.
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    Ahaha good point
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    If we win that is
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    Blackp**l fans planing on banners if we loose in final, so we should bring a banner to the game saying Pi** off blackpool from all at PNE for the final whistle celebrations? Just an idea?
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    St ledger returns?

    I honestly would not mind having him back.
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    Tomorrow's team

    Ide play Stuckmann, IF we don't go up and we loose Rudd i think we need him to have a little bit of game time under his belt.
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    Spot Fixing (Updates: PNE #1 | Daily Mail #191 | LEP #438 | PNE #472)

    Even with this i think these players need to be shown we stand beside them till anything is proven :)
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    Rudd to Huddersfield?

    You make him sound like a conference goal keeper.
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    Grayson: No more loans this window, no offer for St Ledger made

    In my opinion ide rather king play CB than huntington
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    Team v Orient

    Can not see one of jeff or chris not playing on right wing
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    Jordan Slew

    At worst he is going to be useless but then again he could come and dominate defences ide say its worth a try at least
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    Jordan Slew

    Isnt he really tall and really quick could be what we need?
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    Mid table team at best......?

    In my opinion jack king could fill that role if we played him in CM
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    Daveis, Hume and Beavon.

    I dont think that would be a bad idea but i can see most of our chances coming from the wings.
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    Hume delight at PNE return

    I agree I've always liked Hume
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    Carling Cup 2nd Round - Dingles Away

    love how blackpool and them lot we have just drawn think they are so big saying stuff like ''Big draw for Preston I am sure their supporters will be very excited at the prospect of visiting a championship team. Gives us a chance to try a few of our fringe players out against 3rd division...