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    Miami or New York or European/British takeover.

    Great succinct summary of what we have seen/are seeing, season after season. It's like Groundhog Day, and to use your phrase "draining"..
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    Just as we suspected....

    Take a Bow Media Team. Funniest April 1st for a while.
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    Leagues 1, 2, National League and below. Ronan has now confirmed he's in . Crazy times to be a Chorley Fan
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    Matchday Thread PNE v Swansea City - 26/08/23 - KO:3pm - Championship

    Welcome to the Board, and enjoy Mads journey with us
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    Just who is Kathryn Revitt? (Ownership) I concur
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    Happy Birthday to the boss

    Happy Birthday. Your efforts on this Forum are really really appreciated. Have a good one fella - you deserve it
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    CONFIRMED Josh Onomah (Signed)

    Most sensible summary I've read really. Well done that man
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    January 2023 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Crep Protect are London based. Probably Arsenal fans on a wind up.
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    Team Vs Birmingham

    You know you are struggling when you simply don't give two fxxks who pulls the shirt on. What have they done to this once proud club. Sigh
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    Archer Movement

    Mmm . Not what we want to hear. enjoy him whilst he's here I think.
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    RIP - Dad

    Really sorry for your loss. RIP fella
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    Ordered mate - First two are cracking reads and I'm sure this will follow suit. A must for any PNE fan
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    Transfer Window Overview - January 2021

    Sorry Mods - Don't want to Hex the deal, and unsure where to put this as we don't yet have a "confirmed" thread. And further apology if it has already been linked, but I can't be arsed reading through 204 pages :) Nice little Scouting Report link here on Ben Whiteman to tell us what we are...
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    Transfer Window Overview - Summer 2020

    If it is Morris - a certain Mr Tyrone Mears putting him in for one of his goals there. Is this the PNE connection??
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    North End Souls 2: Full line-up (Out June 1)

    The two books (Vol1 & 2) arrived safely to Longridgonia. Already devouring Vol 1 . What a great read. Highly recommended. Thanks again. Steve
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    Such sad news to lose another great North Ender. Sincere condolences to the family.
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    Ingol Development Planning Application - Approved!

    Don't post much, but this is well worth it: "Well done John and all concerned"....
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    MODS - Championship Message Boards/Twitter etc....

    Mods, Feel free to delete, but should we start collating a Championship Sticky now we have waved League 1 behind??? Do you require links posting here?
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    Play Off Final Tickets Thread(22,000 sold)

    Just had a quick look see at the tickets link as I am: 1. Not an ambassador 2. Didn't attend the Chesterfield game (but I am on the database) Went through the second option and input my name and postcode and BINGO - 4 tickets booked. Worth a try now if anyone is in the same boat - GOOD LUCK - COYW