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  1. K

    Who likes Ryan Lowe?

  2. K

    Alan Irvine playing on ITV4 now

    Get Alan to have a word with Jan Molby about turning out for us next season. Couldn't be as lightweight as Nicholson....or Carter. I can see him and The Beast making a BIG impression on the Championship next year.
  3. K

    The Nash Poll

    Forget the bench, let him go and help Ned Kelly with his garden.
  4. K

    3 people in football you love and why!

    3. Alex Dawson - The Black Prince 2. Mike Elwiss - God 1. Derek Temple - Sublime skills Bubbling under- Ernie Hannigan, John Ritchie, Archie Gemmill, Ricky Heppolette....... I'll get my coat.