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    CONFIRMED PNE Sign Stefán Teitur Thórdarson

    Fantastic, and we'll soon coach the creativity out of him to fit in with the brand 😜
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    Radio East Lancashire

    Totally agree. The perspective was all Rovers in the post match discussion. Really bad.
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    Matchday Thread Cardiff City v PNE -10/02/24 - KO:3PM - Championship

    Fucking hate all these time wasting tactics. Bites us on the arse when added on.
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    Matchday Thread Millwall v PNE - 27/01/24 - KO:3pm - Championship

    Far too easy. Bad defending and keeper has to save that.
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    Let’s have it right

    I have to disagree slightly. When we went a goal up he became Mr Cautious against 10 man Leeds and switched play to the right through Potts and homes. Miller had acres of space and was our only real threat so why not try and get a 2nd and 3rd goal? It was only when Leeds equalised that we...
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    New poll needed, RL sacked or not?

    So after nearly 30 years of watching footy I can't have an opinion because I'm not an ex pro and I've not got my badges. So he's saying that I've learnt nothing from all the years I've been watching. My opinion must be discarded because I can't possibly know about styles of football, what works...
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    Matchday Thread PNE v QPR - 1/12/23 - KO: 8PM - Championship

    I dont They are now fully versed in Lowe ball.
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    Explanation please.

    Bag search today. Got asked if I had any deodorant or perfume?? Never asked before. What do they think I'm going to do, run on the pitch and give a player a spritz? Didn't ask me if I had a knife or a flare! It's so inconsistent. Sometimes they peer in, sometimes they have a rummage, sometimes...
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    New "Big Screen".

    I think it's shocking. The time is now too small and can't be read from the Town End. The colours are totally off. The picture is without doubt smaller. So whilst it might be sharper from a pixels perspective, it's a waste of space trying to view something so small.
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    Letter from Club to supporters ( Re Season Card 23/24)

    "We hope you enjoyed the season"... aye it's been thrilling. I've been truly spoilt by the entertaining football on offer and the 24 goals we've scored. What a stupid, short sighted way to start the letter. It's as though the last season hasnt happened. 27 consecutive years I've had a ST and...
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    CONFIRMED New Signing Tom Cannon (Loan For the 22/23 Season)

    Where is the negativity of Delap coming from? We've hardly seen him. Have I missed something?
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    27 years a season ticket holder and I've not enjoyed watching PNE since Alex Neil lost the plot following the Nov 19 International break. It's so fucking dull. Over 3 years of dross. So I've made the decision to not renew and break the habit...which hurts...but why spend money and put yourself...
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    Brief update from MOU meeting with club 13/2 - minutes to follow

    Absolutely agree. I just don't think we should hang our frustrations on the club's withdrawal of the fans forums. There are far better ways to engage meaningfully with fans but the club lacks imagination, ingenuity and a will to try. That's just so sad.
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    Brief update from MOU meeting with club 13/2 - minutes to follow

    Fans Forums are an utter waste of time. The same group of people attend each one and the same questions get asked, many inane. You'll never get a straight answer, you'll never learn anything new. I could literally write the answers here to the questions that will get asked, and I'm not in the...
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    Radio Lancs

    He did well to find these!
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    Radio Lancs

    I find Steve Eyre excellent. He's fair, rational and speaks with insight. No media cliche bollocks from him. He's absolutely got the measure of RL.