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  1. Nutty

    Summer 2024 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    I don’t get any information anymore since the Riddler caught me and @Ando60 dogging outside the training ground.
  2. Nutty

    Should PNE sack Peter Ridsdale?

    Has he gone yet or is he not back from Benidorm?
  3. Nutty

    CONFIRMED Retained List

    Are we allowed to say how fucking useless silver fox Peter is or do we get a lifetime ban from the stadium?
  4. Nutty

    Miami or New York or European/British takeover.

    I only went on 2 games last season but I honestly don’t think I’ll go on at all next season. Bored of the way the club is run.
  5. Nutty

    CONFIRMED Craig Hemmings Speaketh

    Jesus. We’re now at the point of blaming the ref for why we didn’t reach the playoffs.
  6. Nutty

    Leagues 1, 2, National League and below.

    Does anyone have any idea if the lads from Boyzone ended up buying any shares in Chorley?
  7. Nutty

    Mads Frokjaer

    Just hope we continue to tap into the Scandi market. Clearly decent players to be found at much cheaper prices.
  8. Nutty

    CONFIRMED New Deal For Dai...

    I bet he can't believe his luck. Paid a few grand a week to sit on a bench for 5 years
  9. Nutty

    Matchday Thread PNE v Bristol City - 13/01/24 - KO:3PM - Championship

    That's him here till at least march then
  10. Nutty

    Matchday Thread Sunderland v PNE - 1/1/24 - KO:12:30pm - Championship

    The Leeds win has probably bought him another few weeks.
  11. Nutty

    Matchday Thread Sunderland v PNE - 1/1/24 - KO:12:30pm - Championship

    You only have to look at our goal difference to see we deserve to be in the bottom 6.
  12. Nutty

    Matchday Thread PNE v Sheffield Wednesday - 29/12/23 - KO:7:45pm - Championship

    It's a shame we beat Leeds really or he'd have been potted after this game.
  13. Nutty

    Matchday Thread PNE v Sheffield Wednesday - 29/12/23 - KO:7:45pm - Championship

    They seem to have a few injuries and suspensions. Should hopefully help.
  14. Nutty

    Caption contest?

    I love how Whiteman can't believe he's taken the bait
  15. Nutty

    CONFIRMED Statement from 'Peter & Craig"

    Although not what we all want, it shows they have considered his future. This is the beginning of the end. A few more losses and he'll be gone.
  16. Nutty

    Matchday Thread Swansea City v PNE - 22/12/23 - KO:7:45PM

    What the fuck is that? Surely he's gone if we lose. It's like he's trying to get potted.
  17. Nutty

    Tickets Chelsea (A) 6th Jan, 5.30pm (SOLD OUT)

    The view from the bottom tier is horrific. I'm waiting for upper.
  18. Nutty

    New poll needed, RL sacked or not?

    Is a busy time for doggers, Ando. You would know...