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  1. pne_alan

    Liverpool v PNE

    Pickford too
  2. pne_alan

    CONFIRMED Castore & Kits 2024/25

    Has anyone noticed that it's the same players who modeled in the home kit video about 3 weeks ago? Even the trousers they are wearing are the same, Mads in beige, and the others all in black/dark. Wonder if they were filmed the same day? 🤔🤔
  3. pne_alan

    Summer 2024 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Below us practically every season since we came back to the Championship, along with the likes of Stoke, Birmingham etc 🤣🤣
  4. pne_alan

    General Championship thread

    Great stuff for us, don't know what the Burnley owners are thinking of TBH 😮
  5. pne_alan

    CONFIRMED Retained List

    And then come back in and do well I hope....
  6. pne_alan

    General Championship thread

    Yes, totally agree. Sky seem to think football didn't exist before 1992!!!
  7. pne_alan

    John Brown RIP

    You are thinking of another goalkeeper, David Brown in the 1989 era. John Brown played for us until 1974, when Tunksy was signed by Bobby Charlton.
  8. pne_alan

    General Championship thread

    Marching on together 🤣🤣🤣🤣 so funny. Playoffs, then fail!!!!
  9. pne_alan

    General Championship thread

    Yes, my thoughts exactly..
  10. pne_alan

    Team for Norwich

    That means he'll be playing...Obviously!!
  11. pne_alan

    Yellow birds

    Darrel Russell came from there but was before Rudd
  12. pne_alan

    General Championship thread

    Yep, was thinking exactly the same, we haven't won against any side he has been manager of at the time..🙄
  13. pne_alan

    Liam Lindsay - the new Luketti?

    I see nobody refers to him as HMS anymore, and I never did, awesome player, especially this season.
  14. pne_alan

    ‘John’ STFS

    Last time I saw him was at Huddersfield just before Christmas about 12th/13th December
  15. pne_alan

    Matchday Thread Coventry City v PNE -23/02/24 - KO:7.45PM

    Didn't we also have Cresswell at that time to make it 4
  16. pne_alan

    Radio East Lancashire

    Was just going to post similar, for us oldies, Jack Holden always reported on Rovers or Burnley, whichever was home... Norman PNE, and was done by telephone, not always connected.....
  17. pne_alan

    Farke - and that pitch

    Seeing as he manages Leeds, I wouldn't think he'd have much of an opinion, just saying..
  18. pne_alan

    This international break......

  19. pne_alan

    Matchday Thread The Plastics v Preston North End - 10/11/23 - KO:8PM - Championship

    At Hull City there was only a line of Steward's/Police separating our fans and theirs at each side in a 'Bowl' stadium. We always have a full block buffer at Deepdale for segregation, don't know why?