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  1. urmstonwhite

    CONFIRMED Castore & Kits 2024/25

    Did anyone ask for those sleeves. Rather have it all plain white
  2. urmstonwhite

    Life Stories - Why are you there?

    I was at Hull Uni from 1995 so have a similar curse. I did randomly speak to another north end fan whilst I was in Hull, it could have been you! Now live in Grappenhall, Warrington (previously in Urmston).
  3. urmstonwhite

    Matchday Thread PNE v Leicester City - 29/04/24 - KO:8PM - Championship

    Defend that Lowe. Shite. Bookings currently being taken for April 2025 for someone else's promotion party.
  4. urmstonwhite

    Matchday Thread QPR v PNE - 20/04/24 - KO:5.15pm - Championship

    Classic Ledson there. If in doubt dive in
  5. urmstonwhite

    Matchday Thread QPR v PNE - 20/04/24 - KO:5.15pm - Championship

    Woodburn looks like Jim "fixed it" for him to play in the PNE midfield.
  6. urmstonwhite

    New FA Cup Section (Replays Scrapped)

    FA completely out of touch with the average fan All "proper"clubs should refuse to enter next season.
  7. urmstonwhite

    General Championship thread So do they get away with it then??? Surely this should have been thought about with teams changing leagues. Unfair advantage in the Championship by overspending. No wonder we are 25 points plus behind them.
  8. urmstonwhite

    Matchday Thread PNE v Huddersfield Town - 9/4/24 - KO:7.45pm - Championship

    Is that now back to zero goal difference? Fair play Osmajic . The strength he showed for his third really showed he was on it.
  9. urmstonwhite

    Matchday Thread PNE v Rotherham Utd - 29/03/24 - KO:3PM - Championship

    Usually balls games up like that so happy with that!
  10. urmstonwhite

    Liam Lindsay - the new Luketti?

    Credit the lad, he's stepped it up this season and we've probably got value for money on the investment. Early on it looked like we'd signed a dud. I think people underestimate how much a solid run of games helps players settle and improve. I also agree we need pace somewhere at the back to...
  11. urmstonwhite

    Loan Watch 2023/24

    Yep Amis is a big target man type striker (think he was on PNE's books at one time). I now live close to the ground so watch Warrington now and again. Seen Coulton and Seary play in the past and we have a decent link up. They've done really well for the new level this season. André Wisdom plays...
  12. urmstonwhite

    If North End players were cars?

    Think it was on the Middlesbrough match day thread the other day, Greg Cunningham was likened to a Bentley - occasional run out but always purring. Also reference to Ben Davies being a Rolls Royce. Got me thinking. How about: Pat Bauer- High mileage, silver VW Passat Diesel Estate. Pretty...
  13. urmstonwhite

    Matchday Thread PNE v Middlesbrough -14-02-24 - KO:7.45PM - Championship

    Painful watch at times 3 and in stuff with Boro encamped round the box However we were clinical and plenty of blocks put in so credit to the team. Just think we need some pace at the back.
  14. urmstonwhite

    How does the rest of the season pan out

    For my nerves, just win a few games quickly to banish any threat of relegation and then full apathy will kick in. Not great when you're trying to drum up interest for future season tickets. Downward spiral unless we get a clever manager in who can get the most out of the squad.
  15. urmstonwhite

    Matchday Thread Millwall v PNE - 27/01/24 - KO:3pm - Championship

    Well done lads, certainly quietened their crowd.....
  16. urmstonwhite

    January 2024 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    So would I, Lowe seems to rate him.
  17. urmstonwhite

    January 2024 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Got to find the money for those new receptionists somehow!
  18. urmstonwhite

    Matchday Thread Leeds v PNE - 21/01/24 - KO:12:00 PM - Championship

    Yes Woodburn's certainly affecting games....(why bother)