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    Matchday Thread Swansea City v PNE - 19/04/23 - KO:19:45 - Championship

    Mr Moyes always said we will beat them sometime why not tonight?
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    Please remove Peter Ridsdale. (Poll Reset)

    This will not be popular at this time but Peter Risdale was put in post to run the club the way Trevor wanted. Should he be removed by Craig, you will only get another Risdale type person unless the whole ethos of the club changes. I am not a supporter of the current direction. The club is...
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    Is it time?

    I believe he does either that or he’s a terrible manager. We see this happen time after time and has he ever done anything about it? There has been a lot about a lack of investment, why invest to watch the same pattern of play and see the assets you’ve bought not played or ten minutes here and...