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    CONFIRMED Josh Onomah (Signed)

    Pretty sure that Championship club info was on the MRKT Insights website before they worked with us, I remember looking at it when Lowe said we'd be using them. I know they worked a lot with Luton, to the point that Luton poached one of the founders of the company, Jay Socik, to be their Head...
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    Kit for 2022/23 Season

    This booklet is good for anyone interested in colour blindness in football. There's examples of the type of kit clashes that cause problems with simulations of how different types of colour blindness see various kits etc.
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    Oldham away

    The Victoria tram stop is reopening tomorrow (been shut for months) so you won't need to walk up to Shudehill if you get the train to Victoria.
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    Barca v madrid

    It's not live on Sky due to the televised football blackout rules. No British broadcaster is alllowed to screen live football on Saturday at 3pm in case it affects attendance at grounds. Sky are showing the whole match as if it were live at 8pm instead.
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    Westley Out banner just been unfolded

    Only if you assume that our well paid professional athletes, who are all grown men, have the backbone and composure of a easily startled deer.
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    Radio Lancashire BIG INTERVIEW 6pm

    Do you know, the worst thing for me isn't that we're 17th in league one and going backwards, it's the way we've gone about it. If it were Alexander in charge and things weren't going right you'd at least be able to think 'well he's a decent bloke and we're trying to do it the right way' and so...
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    Radio Lancashire BIG INTERVIEW 6pm

    Just listened to the whole interview and it feels like someone's just wiped their arse on my cerebrum. There's a barely hidden contempt for the fans running throughout Ridsdale's spiel, he's even more sickening than Westley (who is essentially a jumped up used car salesman with a love of...
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    Joe Garner Signs (Confirmed)

    Ha. Now that's how you do understatement.
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    OLDHAM - Player Ratings

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    Over to you Trev.

    It also shows that we have three players from the Ivory Coast looking at the flags. Think they need to have a word with the printers.
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    Proctor signs for Swansea.

    Jamie Proctor has a friggin' brilliant agent. Clearly a true master of the dark agenty arts.
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    New Official Site

    The new one will be even worse - Oldham have already updated theirs, have a look:-
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    Stuart Beavon

    You've always got to be a bit wary of a striker who's only had one good season. He may of scored 21 in 43 games in the league last season, but the year before he scored 3 in 37, and the year before 3 in 25. He isn't an up and coming kid who's just honing his game either. He may well carry on...
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    £7 Million for Jay Rodriguez!

    Nicknames may be a part of male society (albeit a bit of a juvenile and pathetic one), but there's an established convention on how it's done - usually by a contraction of a surname (eg. Nuge, Gazza, Becks etc.) J-Rod is just a laughable Americanism; no self-respecting normal person in this...
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    Filipe Morais

    Hot and cold, can have one good game and then be poor for the next three. Quite selfish, not especially quick but relatively skilfull. Came through the ranks at Chelsea originally, of Portuguese descent but born and bred in London I think. Having seen him about 15 to 20 times in the past couple...
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    Is Boundary Park safe?

    I live 5 mins drive from Boundary Park and get to see quite a lot of Oldham games (though not so many this season). The only time I've ever seen any trouble there was after the play off semi final with Blackpool when the Lashers came up to the Championship. Lashers won comfortably, but for some...
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    Season Ticket Price Increase - Marketing Disaster?

    Seeing as we're fairly cheap compared to the rest of the division already, an inflationary increase would be fair enough (given that it is in effect a price freeze). I'd be okay with a £20 or so increase on this basis, though the club would have to appreciate that they're never going to get the...
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    Coutts suspended as well Morgan

    It's only 3 games if the red card is for violent concuct or serious foul play. It's a 1 game ban if sent off for denying a goalscoring opportunity.
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    Matchday Thread - Yeovil v PNE (28/1/12)MOTM Poll Added.

    1 match ban. It's only 3 games if the sending off is for violent conduct.
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    L.E.P PNE Survey - PNE Online Views?

    Who has been your PNE player of the season so far? Stuckmann, maybe would’ve said Coutts but think he’s gone a bit of the boil. What has been PNE's best performance of the season? Chesterfield (a) 2-0 – I didn’t go, and like JK am going of what I’ve heard from others. We’ve been crud in most...