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    CONFIRMED Milutin Osmajić Signs - 4 Year Deal

    To be fair, since I posted this he seems to have struggled. Willing to give him time, maybe with Riis coming back and playing well might take the heat off him a bit.
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    A formula , has Lowe found one?

    I know Edgy from work, he is doing OK.
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    CONFIRMED Milutin Osmajić Signs - 4 Year Deal

    Improving all the time, he will be worth 10 million in a year or two.
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    New poll needed, RL sacked or not?

    I agree he has made mistakes, but based on when he came into the job we have made progress. I don't think he is anywhere near the sack at the moment.
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    New poll needed, RL sacked or not?

    Don't really get the Lowe bashing to be honest. Yes he makes mistakes but he is a young manager learning in the game and we are progressing well on the whole since he came in. I think there is something positive building at North End with a decent recent transfer window and I think the ownership...
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    Matchday Thread PNE v Ipswich Town - 19/07/23 - KO:7PM - Friendly

    Always try to be optimistic but watching us against a fellow Championship team who are at the same stage of pre-season as we are....... if this half is anything to go by, we are in trouble
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    CONFIRMED Álvaro Fernández signs on loan for 2022/23 season

    Started well this season but had a quiet spell around xmas. Since January he has picked up again and come on leaps and bounds. For me, is the first name on the teamsheet. Desperately need him back next season, how on earth can we replace him?
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    CONFIRMED Castore - Kits & Club Shop

    Is there no-one who can make and sell the Adidas 1980 to 1982 kits? They would make a fortune.
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    Selling the club....

    If i had had Mr Hemmings money PNE would have been in the Premier League years ago. There are ways around FFP. He was a fan no doubt about it and we should be grateful for the money that he put in, but I will always wonder what stopped him taking us to the next level.
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    Matchday Thread PNE v Huddersfield - 07/01/23 KO:12:30 - FA Cup 3rd Rnd

    Would like to see a change of shape today as an experiment, he might learn something!
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    Season Ticket Renewals

    I started going on PNE when I was 10 years old in 1980. I went on every home game for the following years, mainly because it's what my family did (dad and brothers etc). I have therefore seen PNE at the very bottom (re-election) but we still went on. Today we are in a league that I dreamed of...
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    Matchday Thread Stoke City v PNE - 02/01/23 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    Just appeared as an option on the red button on Sky.
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    If not Lowe than who?

    In Craig's September statement (presumably written by Ridsdale) he said that Lowe would need 3 or 4 windows to get the squad he needs. January will be his 3rd window, so are they going to back him? Hmm.....
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    CONFIRMED PNE Supporters Meeting Minutes - 16/11/22 (Response to open letter).

    Thanks for the clarification, I guess it's reassuring to know they don't seem desperate to sell.
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    CONFIRMED PNE Supporters Meeting Minutes - 16/11/22 (Response to open letter).

    Well done to all involved, it is certainly a step forward. One thing I notice is there wasn't much discussion about the Hemmings family long term plans for ownership. Based on a lot of comments on here, I thought this would have been a key topic.
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    Matchday Thread Huddersfield Town v PNE - 18/10/22 - KO:19:45 - Championship

    My issue is the build up is so slow. When we pass it around at the back, we hit is so weakly the ball trundles towards the player receiving the ball. Pass it quicker!
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    CONFIRMED Weekend Fixtures (Postponed)

    Fair play, apologies read it the wrong way.
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    CONFIRMED Weekend Fixtures (Postponed)

    Meaning? You think it's banter? The guy is a complete dick who hides behind a 'football qualification'